Before asking whether is gonorrhea curable, you should first consider what gonorrhea is. It is an infection that can be contracted through sexual activity and it affects both women and men.

The bacterium that causes can infect the urethra, throat, rectum, or the cervix.

Curing gonorrhea

Although a lot of people think that gonorrhea cannot be cured, you should know that it is a curable condition, but there is need for the help of antibiotics.

Is Gonorrhea CurableThe first step of curing gonorrhea is to diagnose it. Your doctor will perform a urine test or a swabbing of the infected area, and in case the results come back positive, he or she will prescribe the appropriate antibiotics.

Is gonorrhea curable in case of your partner?

In case you have been treated for gonorrhea, it is best to make sure that your partner is also treated. Most probably you have passed the infection to him or her as well. On the other hand you shouldn’t think that the treatment is a permanent one.

If you have been treated before and you get in contact with the bacterium again, you could get infected again, and you need to start over the treatment.

Curing gonorrhea in case of babies

It is possible for a pregnant woman to pass the infection to their babies. Although this is a problem, you should know that the infection is curable in case of babies as well. Usually the affected area is the eyes. Nonetheless, instead of asking whether is gonorrhea curable in case of babies, it is a lot better for the pregnant women to get themselves tested as soon as possible and in case they have been infected to be treated so that the little one will be born in safe conditions.


In case you get infected with the condition, you should be thinking about curing gonorrhea as soon as possible. In case the condition remains untreated it can spread and turn into pelvic infections that require even more antibiotics. If the condition gets really serious you may need to get hospitalized.

Why is it dangerous?

After asking is gonorrhea curable, you should also think about the consequences of leaving the condition untreated. As it has been mentioned before, the infection can spread to the pelvic region. Women who have had an infection are more likely to being faced with ectopic pregnancy or pelvic pain.

Since curing gonorrhea is possible, you should use it fast, because it is possible for the infection to get to the bloodstream thus causing fever, blisters, chills, or joint pain.

Stop spreading gonorrhea

The first thing you should do to stop the spreading of the bacterium is to stop having sexual intercourse. You can have sex again once you have finished your treatment and your health care provider says that it is safe to have sex again.

After finding out whether is gonorrhea curable, you should make sure that you tell your past and current partner that you have been affected by the bacterium.