In case you are looking for treatment for genital warts that can be used at home, then the best thing you could do is to talk to a holistic health physician.

There are some factors that influence the decision you have to make regarding treatment. These factors include location and the appearance, the specific symptoms and also the level of pain.

Sepia as genital warts treatment

This is the treatment most often used in case you are dealing with dark colored, flesh colored or red warts. In the majority of the cases they are small and they are likely to get inflamed. Sepia works best in case of young girls, menopausal women, pregnant women or in case of women who have uterine or menstrual problems.

Treatment for Genital WartsThuja

This is the most commonly suggested treatment for genital warts. This is a powerful herb and it can be used not only in case of warts, but also when dealing with benign tumors, boils or warts in other parts of the body.

The plant works best in case of the larger warts that have the look of a cauliflower. Usually these warts are red or brown, they are oozing and painful and they also have a foul smell.


This genital warts treatment is suitable when dealing with warts that are stalked or have the look of a cauliflower. Usually such warts can be found around the anus or the penis. The warts are sensitive to touch and they appear after being affected by a venereal disease. On the other hand you might need to use such treatment for genital warts because of anger, trauma or abuse.


This one of the homeopathic treatments is used in case of the warts that are flat, large and smooth. They often develop in groups and they could also become inflamed. You have to be careful because in case they are washed with cold water the symptoms could worsen.

Nitric acid

This is the genital warts treatment that you have been looking for in case you are faced with soft and large warts that are producing a discharge. Although they are itchy make sure that you don’t touch them, because they could easily bleed. Such warts can be found around the cervix, anus or vagina or the penis in case of men.


This is the treatment for genital warts in case they are stalked, large or flat. They could be fleshy, hard and painful and they could bleed when touched. It is possible for them to ooze and they could also develop a crust. Also it is good to know that causticum can also be used in case of internal warts.

How to use the genital warts treatment?

In case you prefer the homeopathic approach, then you should make sure to start the treatment with low doses, like 6c, 6x, 12c, 12x. In this case the treatment should be used once or maximum twice a day. In case you opt for the 30c strength, then you should use it only once. With time you could increase the dosage.

In order to know what dosage to choose regarding treatment for genital warts, you should make sure to visit a specialist. He or she will also be able to tell you how often you will have to use the treatment. You may see the results of the treatment in only a few days in case you don’t have a severe condition. Nonetheless in some cases it might take several months before the warts disappear completely and you can say that you are totally cured.

As you can see, when it comes to genital warts treatment there are numerous kinds of treatments to choose from, but all the treatments are effective in given situations. The treatment that you need depends on the kind of warts that you have. Although at this point you could be able to decide for yourself the type of treatment for genital warts that you require, it is still best to see a professional.

Although these kinds of treatments are made of plants and you may think that they could do no harm to you, you should know that in case you don’t use the treatment as you should, you could end up doing more harm than good.

In case you aren’t certain regarding the effectiveness of the treatment for genital warts, this could be something to discuss with your doctor. In the same time you could ask about the possible side effects of the treatment.