When we are talking about genital warts removal, first we have to think about what genital warts are. It is caused by HPV or human papilloma virus and it is the most common STD that is caused by a virus. It spreads through a contact with infected skin.

Removal of genital warts

There are numerous different kinds of treatments that you could try. Nonetheless you should know that while they might work for some people, it is possible that they will have no effect on you.

The most common treatments include cryotherapy, laser treatment, electrodesiccation, and of course the natural remedies.

Genital Wart RemovalCryotherapy

This is one of the methods of removal of genital warts, and it is working through freezing the warts with the help of liquid nitrogen that is known as cryoprobe.

The results of the treatment are very good, and there are only few side effects that you have to deal with.

Laser treatment

In the majority of the cases this kind of genital warts removal is used in case of the more serious or recurring cases. The procedure is usually done accompanied by regional, local or general anesthesia. The main point is to physically destroy the lesions.

Although the success rate is quite high, there are also some disadvantages, such as the high costs, scarring, it requires a lot of time for healing and it is possible to experience an infection that is caused by the laser plume.

Electrodesiccation for removal of genital warts

Just as the name suggests, the removal of genital warts is done through using electric current to destroy the lesions. The good thing about it is that the procedure can be done in your doctor’s office through using local anesthesia. The downside is that it could cause infections just as in the previous case.

Natural remedies

Although you may think that natural remedies aren’t effective regarding genital warts removal, you may be surprised by the results. Some of them show no results at all, but the others could make all the difference. The methods range from homeopathic solutions to natural creams.


Before you think about removal of genital warts, you should first know that there is no special test to find warts. In order for your doctor to know that you have genital warts, these should become visible. In case you aren’t sure, you should make an appointment, and have your doctor take a look at the infected area to be able to tell what you have.

There are some special tests that can show the presence of HPV in the body. In some cases there is need for the use of an enhancing technique to see the warts and later for the genital warts removal.

One thing you could do to see whether you have genital warts is to have a Pap smear on a regular basis. This will show the presence of HPV and also of the abnormal cells. As you can see, there is a lot to do for genital warts removal.