Female genital warts are a very common sexually transmitted infection caused by the Human Papilloma (HP) virus.

Not only are female genital warts unsightly, in fact fairly disgusting to look at, they have the potential to cause several problems and complications such as certain cancers such as those of the vulva or vagina or the anus as well as penis among men.Genital Warts

Female genital warts are a manifestation or symptom of infection from the HP virus, however in many cases these may be absent; that is to say that there may be an infection but no warts present.

It is therefore possible to be infected but have no knowledge of the infection, thereby spreading the infection to a sexual partner unknowingly.

Female genital warts manifest themselves as pink, red or gray swellings or out – pouchings from the skin that may take on the aspect of a cauliflower. This site exhibits photos of female genital warts as well as male genital warts if one wants to get an idea of what they look like. These may occur in the area of the vulva, the anus and also in areas such as inside the vagina and inside the anus, which may not be able to be seen except by a medical examination.

Also some female genital warts may be present but not visible because of small size or the fact that they are not sufficiently raised to be noticeable. In this case, a medical practitioner using a certain solution may detect them.

Also, sometimes the reason why the warts may not be visible is due to the fact that in spite of the presence of the infection by the HP virus, the warts may not manifest themselves until what may even be years after the actual infection.

The infection of HPV spreads through sexual contact so the best way to steer clear of it is to avoid indiscriminate sex and be very careful of the partner that you choose.

The best way is to be in a safe monogamous relationship and if one is active, it is best to use a condom every time. This however is no guarantee against the spread of the infection unless all warts are covered since it can spread from skin contact.

Female genital warts are not able to be transmitted by shared toilets or through the water of a swimming pool or by sharing towels etc.