One out of four sexual active adults is acquiring at least one sexually transmitted disease.

Generally, the sexual transmitted disease is caused by some kind of virus such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and so on.

Human papilloma virus refers to a group of viruses with more than 100 different types.

Of these, more than 30 viruses are sexually transmitted, which can infect the genital area of women and cause genital wart.

The major part of people suffering with genital wart is women.

It is also estimated that the genital wart, a sexually transmitted disease, affects approximately 5.5 million women every year. Of these, two million are pregnant women.Genital Wart

So, the more knowledge you gain about Genital wart (a sexual transmitted disease), the more you can prevent this disease from occurring to you.

Genital wart is also known as condylomata acuminata or venereal wart. These warts are flesh–colored or gray growths usually found in the genital area and anal region.

You can acquire this virus through direct skin-to-skin contact during oral, genital, or anal sex with an infected person. In some rare cases, both adults and children are infected indirectly. For example, you can acquire this disease with the use of an infected towel.

If you are a pregnant having genital wart, then there’s a possibility that during childbirth, the genital HPV virus may infect your newborn baby.

Actually, this won’t make any change but in few rare cases your baby may develop with this strain of warts in the throat area. This is called laryngeal pappiloma.

Also, the genital wart in the birth canal can lead to your newborn baby get infected with HPV (Get Help of HPV Vaccine).

So, when you become pregnant and already have genital wart, immediately consult your doctor for the best possible medical advice to protect your baby from acquiring the infection.

Remember, some medications do not act on you while you’re pregnant. So, don’t forget to ask your doctor for alternatives.

During pregnancy, the genital wart can become aggravated. In other cases, it can lead to severe problems during childbirth. Also, there is a possibility of occurring vaginal bleeding because of this genital wart (Other causes of Vaginal Bleeding during Pregnancy).

Generally, the genital wart infection won’t turn up immediately when get infected but it manifests itself as much as 3 years on from time of infection. You can notice these warts during your pregnancy if infected already. Even these warts become larger and increase along with pregnancy.

If the warts are in the vagina, cervix or vulva then a normal delivery may become difficult. Moreover, vaginal bleeding may occur. However, cesarean delivery is not compulsory for pregnant women having genital wart.

Also, the genital wart in the vagina or inside and around the urethra can lead to difficulty while urinating, especially as the warts may be likely to increase in size.

Treatment is available to help cure the genital wart and to relieve any uneasiness that your baby might undergo, however the treatment need to be regular.


  1. i had warts around my vagina,the doctor recommended aldara cream and prescribed some anti biotics i ws amazed the warts cleared in one week.its been six months nw im stil wart free.

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