When it comes to treatment for genital herpes, you should know that there are different kinds of medications available to treat the condition.

Nonetheless keep in mind that none of the available treatment can make the virus go away. This means that the condition cannot be cured.

Medication as genital herpes treatment

The medication that you could be using includes acyclovir, valacyclovir and famiciclovir. These stop the virus from multiplying in the body and they also make sure that the eruptions will be shorter. There are also some topical medications, but these are known to be less effective and this is why they are rarely used.

Genital HerpesThe genital herpes treatment that is taken orally, or in some cases, intravenously, is more effective.

As it has been mentioned before, there is no actual cure for the condition and these medications only help you manage the symptoms and the length of the outbreaks.

Antiviral medication

The initial outbreak of the condition is known to be the most severe, and this is why in this case the treatment for genital herpes consists of antiviral medication.

The good thing about these medications is that they reduce the pain and they speed up the healing process of the sores.

Although the majority of the people are taking seriously the genital herpes treatment, it looks like the initial treatment of the infection doesn’t reduce the frequency of the outbreaks.

Recurrent outbreaks

While the initial outbreak of herpes is quite severe, requiring treatment for genital herpes, the recurrent outbreaks are usually milder. Nonetheless the antiviral medications are effective only in case they are taken before or right after the outbreak.

This means that the genital herpes treatment must be offered to the patients in advance. The doctors tell the patients to take the medication as soon as the tingling starts or right at the time when the blisters start to develop.

Suppressive therapy

Another kind of treatment for genital herpes is suppressive therapy. This is usually suggested to the patients who suffer from outbreaks more than six times per year.

The kinds of drugs that have been mentioned before can all be used as part of the suppressive therapy.

Sexually active patients

In case one of the partners is affected by the virus and the other isn’t, genital herpes treatment must be well thought. One of the things to do in this case is to be using suppressive therapy. It has been shown that the chances of transmitting the virus are lower if the patient receives therapy.

Weakened immune system

Regarding the available treatments you should know that the people with a weak immune system are more prone to get infected by severe infections. The herpes simplex virus in case of these people could be resistant to the traditional treatment methods and so it is more difficult to treat.

There is a lot to know regarding treatment for genital herpes, but the most important aspect is to learn to manage the symptoms and to live together with them.