Genital herpes is caused by the herpes virus (HSV) and is a kind of sexually transmitted infection (STI). The infection affects the mucous membrane of the genitals. The infection gets spread from one sexual partner to other, during sexual contact. There are two kinds of source viruses namely, HSV-1 and HSV-2. The former one causes soreness in mouth and lips of the affected individual and also results in fever blisters.

Genital Herpes Side Effects

The virus gets distributed from mouth to the genitals during the oral sexual contacts between the sexual partners. The later type of virus causes genital herpes and occurs through the secretions from the mouth area or the genitals. A female get affected from herpes if her skin, mouth and vagina comes in contact with a person who is already suffering from this infection. Following are the side effects of general herpes in women:-

  1. Nausea and headache: The most common side effects of the HSV virus to women are nausea and headache. Infected women have always found complaining of the same frequently, even after the treatment of the disease.
  2. Severe pain for longer duration: It has been discovered that herpes takes place for a longer duration in women than in men. It is also more painful in females especially if it’s their first outbreak. In addition to that females can suffer from herpes in any of the genital areas such as the vulva, inside the vagina, cervix and urethra. It pains severely and also causes awkwardness to the sufferer. It can also occur in areas like the thighs.
  3. Mother passes the infection to child during pregnancy: The most common and dangerous side effect of the herpes infection is that the virus gets passed on from the mother to her child. If a mother is suffering from the infection for the first time, near to the time of her delivery, she is most likely to pass the HSV virus to her child. However, if the outbreak is not for the first time, it has a very minute chance of affecting the child. Babies born with this infection might be premature, die, born with brain damage, born with severe rashes or eyes problem.
  4. Herpes can cause brain disease: It has been discovered that females are twice likely to get affected of the HSV infection than males. Women suffering from the herpes infection have also been diagnosed with a brain disease called the encephalitis. It’s a rare brain disease in which causes respiratory arrest within 72 hours of the occurrence and can also causes mild neurological alterations and paralysis to the affected female.