Let’s face it. Women get herpes. Whether it’s from a shared soft-drink bottle, a furtive kiss, or a sexual partner who was less than forthcoming about his history, women get herpes.

What is worse is women have been told, “Once you have herpes, you always have herpes!” For a long time, and unless you happened to live in a certain section of New Zealand, where the ResolveHerpes detox was created and has been used for over 20 years, that statement was true. But now, for everyone across the world, it is no longer the case.


Just ask Liz, a middle-aged restaurateur, who for many years dependably developed cold sores when she stepped into the winter air or exposed her face to the sun for too long. Lizcompleted the ResolveHerpes 50-day detox and no longer has those reactions. Cold sores for her are a thing of the past.

Just ask Paige, an 18-year-old high school senior, who broke out in fever blisters every month. She, too, eliminated her symptoms from the herpes simplex 1 virus after finishing the ResolveHerpes detox. She can now enjoy her final high school year without the pain and embarrassment of unsightly blemishes on her lip.

Sharon suffered from shingles. She felt the pain along the same nerve pathways along her abdomen whenever she became startled or frightened. She took the ResolveHerpes detox and no longer has symptoms associated with shingles.

And perhaps most significantly, women who suffer from genital herpes can take solace in the fact that thousands of ResolveHerpes customers have gotten their lives back after completing the ResolveHerpes detox. One such story is Mary’s, whose doctor confirmed that she had HSV2 after conducting a swab test. He prescribed the regular therapy of pharmaceutical suppressant drugs costing around $300 per month – and that was just to try and stop the outbreaks from surfacing. Mary thought it made more sense to pay $299 one time, take the ResolveHerpes detox, and actually get the virus out of her body so that the virus would be gone, not just suppressed.

So, let’s face it. Women get herpes. But, let’s also face the fact that women don’t have to live the rest of their lives with it. Women do have an option. Women have the option of eliminating the virus by taking ResolveHerpes, rather than just suppressing it.