The most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States is Chlamydia with over one million cases reported every year.

If left untreated it can cause permanent damage to a woman’s reproductive organs, exposure to the bacteria will increase a female’s chance of getting the HIV virus by five fold.

For men however there are rarely any complications, although the passing on of the disease through all types of sexual contact means routine testing is a must. Chlamydia can be spread by oral, anal and normal intercourse. The risks are far greater if someone has multiple partners.chlamydia

Despite increasing numbers being screened the rate is still far too low. Overall in the United States screening is sporadic and often depends on where you live and also the ability to pay for the test. The age range of those most at risk is between sixteen to twenty five.

Awareness is key and it is believed that more could be done within the education system to make young people more accountable for their actions and create a better level of understanding.

Many do not comprehend the seriousness of the infection and the traumatic effect that it can have.

Known as the silent disease, Chlamydia often has no obvious symptoms and if they do occur it is usually several weeks after sexual contact [Chlamydia symptoms]. In recent years rates of screening had increased but for some unfathomable reason this trend is being reversed.

Public service announcements similar to those around the time of the Aids epidemic could be a good way of increasing awareness, which is obviously lacking all round.