Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection which affects the genital tract in a person and from there; it can be easily spread to others through sexual contact. Men and women of all age groups are vulnerable to this infection but it mainly affects teenagers.

The condition can be from mild to severe in terms of its range and intensity. In some cases, the symptoms can go totally unnoticed but if left unchecked, it can lead to many types of serious complications as well. Thus it is best to get regular checkups to determine whether you have this condition or not. It is best to treat it using natural or home methods such as with the help of herbs and other such remedies. The following are the main herbal remedies for treating chlamydia:


Goldenseal is a naturally occurring herb which works very well on chlamydia and is also available in its capsule form which can be consumed once or twice a day to get rid of the problem. What goldenseal does is that it stimulates the immune system and gives the defenses of the body a certain boost.


echinaceaThis is another superb herb which helps in the treating of chlamydia in the most natural way possible. Echinacea consists of many antimicrobial properties which help to strengthen the immune system. This herb can be consumed either in the form of a tincture or can also be consumed in the form of its capsule.


garlicGarlic is one of the most beneficial herbs for treating many kinds of conditions and problems and even helps to reduce the effect of chlamydia. It is believed to have a natural antibiotic effect due to which it cures the sexually transmitted disease. You can either consume raw garlic or add it to your food as one of the ingredients. Garlic is also available in its capsule form which too can be consumed for quick recovery.

Wild Oregano

Wild oregano is another herb which has a good effect against the symptoms of chlamydia. Adding this herb to your food can be a great way to get rid of the infection.

Dietary Changes

Another way to treat chlamydia naturally is by making certain dietary changes. One must adopt a diet which helps to strengthen the immune system and for this, one must have a lot of fiber-rich foods in addition to alkaline forming foods such as nuts, whole grains, beans and seeds.

Having a lot of fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can also help greatly. Besides this, having leafy green vegetables and other greens like barley, wheat grass etc. is also helpful in boosting the function of the immune system. Probiotic food such as yoghurt and others is also a suggested diet inclusion for those suffering from chlamydia.

One must reduce the intake of foods including red meat, butter, caffeine, alcohol, canned or processed foods, whole fat dairy products as well as several types of refined foods.