Chlamydia in women is caused by bacteria. The infection is something like gonorrhea both from the way of the spreading’s point of view and from the symptoms’ point of view.

The infection is quite common and it affects about 4 million women every year.

Just as in case of gonorrhea, the bacteria can be found at the urethra and at the cervix.

Information about women’s chlamydia

Chlamydia-in-WomenBesides the places mentioned before, the bacteria can also be found around the anus and in the throat. The truth about the infection is that in many cases it is asymptomatic.

This means that the infected people show no symptoms. Because of this they could spread the infection without even knowing about it.

Symptoms of women’s chlamydia

As it was mentioned before, in many cases there are no symptoms. Nonetheless it is possible to be affected by cervicitis because of the bacteria.

In this case the symptoms include abdominal pain and a change in the vaginal discharge. In the same time the bacteria could also cause and infection of the urethra.

In this case chlamydia in women leads to the specific symptoms of urinary tract infections, including urgent and frequent need of urination and pain while urinating.

The bad news regarding the infection is that it is destructive when it comes to the fallopian tubes. It could also lead to serious pelvic infection.

Severe health issues

If a pelvic infection is caused by women’s  chlamydia it could lead to problems with getting pregnant or even fertility problems. In case the infection isn’t treated it could cause pelvic inflammatory disease, also known as PID. The symptoms of this condition include cramping, fever, pain during intercourse and abdominal pain.

In case the chlamydia in women causes a severe infection, women could have a localized area of infection and pus could also form. In order to treat the problem, the patient may need a major operation that could save her life.

Just as in case of gonorrhea, women’s chlamydia is also associated with an increased chance of premature birth. Even more, if the mother is infected when giving birth, the baby could also contract the infection when passing through the birth canal. As a result the little one could end up with pneumonia or eye infection.

In order to fight chlamydia in women all the babies receive eye drops upon birth that come with antibiotics meant to kill the bacteria. This is a routine treatment because there are so many women with this infection who have no idea that they have it. The eye drops stop the eyes of the babies from being affected.

Women’s chlamydia diagnosis

The infection can be found through analyzing the material collected during a swabbing or by using a speculum. Still women usually prefer the noninvasive methods, such as urine tests or swabs that they can do on their own.

Now you know what to expect from chlamydia in women. If you have a new sexual partner it is best for both of you to be tested.