Chlamydia is one of the most well-known STIs of them all. This is why there are so many people want to know the causes of chlamydia infection.

In fact chlamydia is a bacterium that only infects humans. The bacterium causes eye and genital diseases if contracted.

The causes behind chlamydia

Causes-of-Chlamydia-InfectionAs it has been mentioned before, chlamydia is an STI that can be contracted through having unprotected vaginal intercourse with an infected person or having unprotected anal intercourse with an infected person. Oral sex can also lead to the infection. In fact, any kind of genital contact can result in an infection.

Information about the origins of chlamydia

It is good to know that the infected people often don’t show any symptoms for a longer period of time. This means that they can pass the infection on to other people without even knowing it. Interestingly, an infected mother can also pass the infection on to her child upon childbirth. This could result in complications like pneumonia.

Things to know

When looking for the causes of chlamydia infection, keep in mind that there are some situations when you simply can’t be infected with the bacterium. For instance you won’t get infected if you use the same toilet seat as an infected person. In the same time you can’t get infected in the sauna either.

Even if you are afraid of the chlamydia source of infection you have to remember that it is alright to share a swimming pool with infected people and you can be sure that you won’t get infected. You won’t get infected if you touch a surface that an infected person touched, sneezed or coughed on either.

When thinking about the causes of chlamydia infection you don’t have to worry if you stand close to a person who has chlamydia and if the person in question sneezes or coughs, you can inhale because there are no bacteria in the air. Also you don’t have to worry about sharing your office with an infected person.

Other kinds of chlamydia

If you are searching for the infection agent of chlamydia remember that there are different kinds of chlamydia bacteria. For instance there is chlamydia pneumonia that has nothing to do with the STI and that causes other kinds of infections, such as pneumonia.

Usually the causes of chlamydia have something to do with people having unprotected sex with infected individuals so this is something that you should avoid to the best of your ability.