Itching, vaginal discharge, and burning are known common vaginal infection symptoms. Even though the symptoms of different infections might be quite similar, there could be a difference regarding the color or the odor of the discharge.

Having some vaginal discharge is common for women who are in the childbearing age. It is normal for the cervical glands to produce a clear secretion. In the end the mucus could have a whitish color that turn to yellow when it is exposed to air.

It is also normal to have more vaginal discharge during the menstrual cycle and emotional stress and sexual excitement are both associated with normal vaginal discharge.

In case the discharge has an abnormal color, like green or it has a weird smell or consistency, or the amount has changed, it could be one of the symptoms of vaginal infection.

Bacterial vaginosis

One of the symptoms of this vaginal infection is having vaginal discharge with an unpleasant smell. Some of the women say that it smells like fish, especially after intercourse. This kind of discharge is usually white or grey and it is quite thin.

Other vaginal infection symptoms include a burning sensation during urination and also itching around the outside of the vagina. Nonetheless there are some women who experience no symptoms regarding bacterial vaginosis.

Yeast infections

This is also known as candidiasis and it has as symptoms of vaginal infection a thick and whitish-grey discharge of the consistency of cottage cheese. Also there may be some itching sensation that could be quite intense in the genital area. It is also common to have painful urination and painful intercourse. Although the vaginal infection symptoms include discharge, you could not always have it. Men with this infection can have a rash on the penis.


The symptoms of this vaginal infection include a frothy vaginal discharge having a yellow-green or gray color, along with the irritation or the itching of the genitals, not to mention a burning sensation during urination. You should also be prepared for the vaginal discharge to have a foul smell and to have some discomfort during intercourse.

This is a sexually transmitted infection and this is why the vaginal infection symptoms could appear 4-20 days after the exposure. Men don’t really have any symptoms, but if they do, it is in the form of a whitish discharge from the penis and pain or difficulty during urination.


There is another condition that you might have, called vulvodynia and in this case you may experience burning, irritation, stinging or rawness of the genital area, but there is no infection or skin disease regarding the vagina or the vulva.

We have to note that pain may not be one of the typical symptoms of vagina infection, but in case you experience any discomfort you should seek immediate medical attention. The same thing is true for the itching that you could experience.

The vaginal infection symptoms are something women should keep an eye out for especially if they experience unprotected sex with multiple partners.