As we understand more and more about the longer term repercussions of pharmaceutical use; particularly about the consequence of overuse (we’ve all read about the emergence of the antibiotic resistant superbug), many of us wish to switch to more natural remedies. This is also the reason why so many women prefer to use natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis.

However there is some controversy about the efficacy of natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis – are they effective, are they safe, do they have any side effects and what is the rate of recurrence with these; are some of the questions that occur.natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis

Whether it is natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis or other choices that a woman makes, BV is important to cure. Thought of as a mere nuisance earlier, we now know that it is an infection that is potentially problematic and could mean complications if left untreated.

BV is known to increase susceptibility to certain sexually transmitted diseases by altering and weakening the natural defense systems present in the vagina.

What are the mainstream remedies for bacterial vaginosis?

Antibiotics are generally the preferred mode of curing BV. Metronidazole or clindamycin are the main types of antibiotics prescribed for treating BV; with sustained release options being recommended for use in some cases. These may be given orally or may be administered vaginally. However the safety of metronidazole, can be a concern specifically as well as the use of antibiotics in general.

Further, using antibiotics to treat BV can be problematic in another sense – there is seen to be a higher rate of recurrence of bacterial vaginosis though the use of oral antibiotics was seen to have a negative association with the recurrence.

What does research say about natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis?

One of the popular remedies for BV is probiotics and its use by vaginal insertion, or oral consumption; by tablet or otherwise. However certain biomedical randomized controlled trials such as one conducted by the Cochrane collaboration found that probiotics are not really effective in effecting a cure.

However research has also found that probiotics, when used in conjunction with mainstream medications such as antibiotics may be more effectual than when used alone.

Why some women prefer natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis

Firstly natural remedies have fewer side effects and they obviate the need for using antibiotics. Secondly women use natural cures to restore the natural acidity or the pH balance of the vagina so that they can have more long standing relief from the infection (antibiotics tend to clear up the infestation temporarily, which can recur later).

What natural remedies can be used for bacterial vaginosis?

Some women find that using hypoallergenic soaps/other intimate hygiene items can help so that no irritating chemicals find their way into the vagina. Vitamin E cream or capsules can help in some cases. Boric acid suppositories or douches are known to help redress the natural acid levels of the vagina.

In short natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis work by helping restore the natural acidic environment and bacterial balance of the vagina and by improving the body’s immune systems.