Bacterial Vaginosis is a condition where the natural bacterial population of the vagina is disturbed and is a bacterial infection as against yeast infections such as candidiasis. Though antibiotics are the usual method of curing this infection, natural cures for bacterial vaginosis also exist and can be used with varying degrees of success.

Before looking at the natural cures for bacterial vaginosis it is important to make a definitive diagnosis of the condition – is it really bacterial vaginosis that you have? The diagnosis is important because the condition can sometimes be confused with yeast infections or trichomoniasis, since they can often have some of the same symptoms.natural cures for bacterial vaginosis

The most commonly noted symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are an abnormal discharge that is seen particularly after sex. The discharge is usually off white in color and is foul-smelling; usually having a characteristic fishy odor.

There is generally no pain or irritation or redness experienced with this infection; though some women do have itching or burning sensations.

To make a definitive diagnosis, a swab from the vagina is taken to assess the kind of bacterial growth there.

Some of the natural cures for bacterial vaginosis that many women have found to work are –

Letting the infection run its course

Those of us who have strong immune systems may find that the infection resolves on its own after a time; when the natural good bacteria of the vagina manage to control the harmful bacteria population. So one can try and let it run its course; particularly if the infection is not very severe and the symptoms not very bothersome.

Acidophilus or probiotics

Probiotics, of which acidophilus is one sub group, are friendly bacteria that the body needs to keep in good health and functioning normally. The idea behind this bacterial vaginosis natural remedy is to increase the amount of good bacteria and reduce the amount of bad bacteria. This can be done by taking oral supplements or using vaginal inserts.

Some women also recommend using yoghurt (with live bacterial culture) to increase the friendly bacterial population down there, either by eating or by application.


Garlic has long been hailed for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and can be one of the effective natural cures for bacterial vaginosis. So increasing the intake of garlic in one’s food or in other forms can help with this infection.

Hydrogen peroxide

Some women also recommend vaginal douches of hydrogen peroxide that could help re-balance the bacterial population there.

Nutritional supplements

Some women advise the use of nutritional supplements such as Vitamin C, or zinc to improve the situation. Folic acid supplements may also help the body fight its infection.

Herbal remedies

Certain traditional herbs such as Tracheal and so on are known to help regain control over the out of balance vaginal bacterial populations. Also tea tree oil with its natural antibacterial agents can help.


For some women, homeopathy is also seen to work.

Combination of treatments

Some women recommend that a combination of more than one natural cures for bacterial vaginosis can help resolve the situation most effectively – acidophilus, in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide and folic acid can be a potent antidote to the infection.