Bacterial vaginosis is an extremely common condition among women, with an estimated one in three women being likely to develop it at some of other point in their life. So it is only natural that bacterial vaginosis natural treatment options are some of the most sought after gynecological solutions.

There is some conflicting information available about bacterial vaginosis natural treatment options – there are studies that have declared natural treatments such as probiotics and so on to be ineffective or at least having limited efficacy only when used in conjunction with proper antibiotics.

However many online forums and other resources offer natural solutions as the only long lasting way to resolve the condition, since a high rates of recurrence are seen with antibiotic use.

The nature of bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection, but not a disease as we commonly understand the term.

A healthy vagina already has this bacteria present in most cases; however the population of this bacteria is kept in check by other bacterial populations there. Simply put, BV is the overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina.

The bacterial vaginosis natural treatments that women generally use are oriented towards controlling the growth of the unfriendly bacteria and replenishing the natural flora there.

Efficacy of bacterial vaginosis natural treatment

Some of the most common home remedies and natural treatments for BV are douching with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, using probiotics orally or vaginally, using suppositories of garlic, tea tree oil and other natural antibacterial agents and so on.

Yoghurt is one of the best sources of probiotics, and unpasteurized yoghurt, either applied locally or consumed orally, is known to have a beneficial impact. There are also other herbal remedies such as Golden Seal, Traceal, and so on that claim to help fight against BV quite effectively.

Yet there is no consensus on what works and how well. BV is seen to be a stubborn customer that is difficult to get rid of once and for all. It is seen to have a high rate of recurrence which can be frustrating since women then wonder if their chose treatment works at all.

It is also clear that different solutions seem to work for different women. Very often, what works is a combination of bacterial vaginosis natural treatment options, taken together or in quick succession. The idea is that if a remedy such as douching using diluted vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is used initially, it could help to kill off the bad bacteria and control its populations.

This can work for a while, but these remedies tend to kill of the good bacteria as well, so can be counterproductive. So this should then be followed up with a yoghurt regime or other probiotics treatment, which helps to restore the good bacteria.

So the bottom line, when it comes to bacterial vaginosis natural treatment, is that there may be no one single remedy that works; rather a combination of remedies and perhaps include antibiotics as well, may work. Also what works for one woman, may not work for another.