Since about half of all pregnancies are unplanned, it is no wonder that there are so many women looking for unwanted pregnancy facts. There are a lot of different reasons of an unwanted pregnancy, such as not using contraceptive methods, failure of contraceptive methods and the lack of a supportive partner.

Facts of Unwanted Pregnancies

Unwanted-Pregnancy-FactsIf you think you are alone in this situation, you should just remember that one in every three women has at least one abortion during her lifetime. This means that there are millions of women who were in the exact same situation as you are in.


In case you are looking for the truth regarding unwanted pregnancies you may know that some women get all the support that they need while others feel like they are all alone. Although a lot of people are judgmental about this situation, don’t forget that it is possible that they have been through it too.

The Emergency Pill

When thinking about the unwanted pregnancy facts it is good to remember that if you don’t wish to get pregnant, you could take the second day pill and make everything go away. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you need to take the pill within five days of sexual intercourse. These pills can be bought without a prescription.

Pregnancy Test

The women who believe that they have to be thinking about the unwanted pregnancy truths should make sure that they are pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. They can do so at the office of their doctor or they can buy a test and use it at home. These tests check the hCG levels of women’s urine.

Blood Pregnancy Test

If you don’t trust the urine pregnancy tests but you know more about the unwanted pregnancy facts, you could opt for a blood pregnancy test. Usually these tests can offer reliable results even before you have your first missed period.

Tests Results

The information about unwanted pregnancies also refers to the possibility for women to have a pregnancy test too soon. In this case they will get a negative result even though they are pregnant. In the same time it is possible for women to have a false negative or false positive result.

Although you may be afraid at the moment, it is a really good idea to find out more about the unwanted pregnancy facts to know what you have to face.