Every woman dreams of having kids some day and for this it is very important for them to be very fertile. If you are trying to get pregnant, then one of the most important things for you to do is to avoid all those foods which can make you less fertile and switch to a diet which contains a lot of fertility foods. There is no real need to deprive yourself of some great foods when you are trying to make a baby. The following is a list of the top ten fertility foods for women:

Top Ten Fertility Foods for Women

1. Whole grains

While you are trying to get pregnant, there is no need for you to give up on carbohydrates but the wise thing to do is to choose them correctly. Some complex carbs such as brown rice, whole grain breads, oatmeal and stone-ground cornmeal are good for a women as they do not affect the blood sugar level as much as refine carbs do. Plus it is a known fact that any food which is good for our insulin level and function is good for the fertility of a woman.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

For fertility, one thing that is really very important is some fresh produce of fruits and vegetables. The reason why fruits and vegetables are so important for women trying to be pregnant is because they are high on anti oxidants and promote reproductive health.

3. Full-fat dairy products

Women who consume more of full-fat dairy products have shown to have fewer problems with ovulation and pregnancy. Infact these foods are high on calcium which is important for fertility.

4. Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats

These fats help in reducing inflammation and improve the insulin sensitivity and function.

5. Omega3 fatty acids

These foods too help in increasing the insulin function and hence are considered as fertility foods.

6. Plant protein

Plant protein comes from plants like peanuts, peas and beans etc and is considered great for improving the fertility level in women.

7. Baked potatoes

This food is high on vitamin B content and helps increasing the chances of pregnancy for a woman.

8. Red meat

Red meat is high on iron and can increase the fertility of a woman as it supports the ovulation process well.

9. Cod liver oil

This food is on this list because it is high on vitamin D and also contains several other nutrients as well.

10. Nettles tea

This food supports adrenals and helps the body to build blood as well.