Entering the phase of parenthood is probably one of the most exciting and awaited things that happen in life – but many do not think the pre-pregnancy stage important enough! It does matter how you have groomed your body to bring a child within you and help it grow for 9 months.

For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, there are many important things that are to be done when you decide to go down the road to conception. Almost everything that affects you, would affect your baby in future and hence, it is important that you take more than good care of yourself in order to ensure that you have a healthy delivery.

tips when you are planning for a pregnancyVisit an Obstetrician

This is the possibly the first thing that you should do and it is important that tell him/her about your family histories and also about your lifestyle. Your obstetrician will make sure that all your vaccines are up-to-date as there are certain vaccinations that cannot be given when you are pregnant.

Your physician would also advise you to avoid few things that might harm your baby like avoiding eating undercooked meat, wearing gloves while gardening and if you are doing the litter duty for the cat in your house, then passing it to someone else in your house as there is a certain parasite that harms the baby.

Your physician would also probably give you some prenatal vitamins and minerals and a diet chart, so that you and your baby gets the right nutrition once you conceive. Also visit a dentist to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.

Avoid too many Medicines

Pregnancy is really excitement but at the same time, it can drain you emotionally; get prepared for it mentally first. Do not reach for your normal headache pill to get rid of your headache – it might bring long lasting side effects. Everything that you consume might affect your baby in future and hence, you need to very sure about the things you take in, especially medicines.

Not all medicines are safe during the pre-pregnancy phase as well and hence, consult your doctor before popping one inside. If you think that homeopathic and herbal medicines are safe, think twice as these also pass through the placenta and into your baby. So get your doctor’s approval in this case as well.

Eat Right

Your food and drink is the primary source of nutrition for your baby as well and hence, make sure that you eat right before the bay has arrived as well. Eat a diet that is enriched with iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B6 and B12. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin A and that would be great for your baby’s bone and salmon is a great source of calcium. Avoid raw meat and alcohol and also cigarettes. Do drink too much of coffee.


This is also very important and exercises like swimming, yoga, and aerobics are perfect for beginners and as you get pregnant, continue the exercises under a trainer and a proper supervision.