Advice and tips to get pregnant are usually aimed at women.

However considering the fact that the male contribution to conception as well as the DNA of a baby is fully 50%, tips for men to increase fertility, sperm count and quality of sperm are as important to the business of getting pregnant.

Some male tips to get pregnant

1. Get a physical exam to rule out any diseases or infections that could prevent conception. Often these infections could be asymptomatic and may be a factor contributing to infertility without the man being aware of it.

Tips to Get PregnantAny chronic conditions such as anemia, thyroid imbalances, heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes should also be under control as best possible so visit a doctor and get adequate treatment.

2. Stop smoking – This one of the tips to get pregnant is a no brainer and one that applies to men as well as women. It is also important that the man quit smoking at least three months before trying to conceive.

Smoking damages sperm cell DNA which takes time to get repaired.

3. Reduce alcohol consumption and give up substance abuse – Low sperm count or impotence is connected to excess alcohol consumption so it is important to cut down on alcoholic drinks to improve chances of conception. Recreational drugs not only reduce sperm count but also the amount of semen ejaculated.

4. Ejaculate only once in two or three days – It is important to have regular intercourse but not to ejaculate too frequently (this includes masturbation). The idea is to have intercourse every two or three days for optimum sperm count.

5. Keep cool figuratively – Stress is a known cause of lower sex drive and even impotence. So learn to relax generally as well as in bed – remember to enjoy yourself and not get bogged down with the business of baby making.

6. Keep look literally – This one of the tips to get pregnant applies specially to men. Tight clothing, using laptops and even being in certain jobs can increase the temperature of the testicles, thereby lowering fertility.

7. Go off the meds – Get off whatever medications are not required for keeping health conditions in control, and this particularly applies to any steroids that you may be on.

8. Take care of oral health – Untreated dental problems have been linked to male infertility. So one of the male tips to get pregnant is to get treated for any oral or dental problems that you may have.

9. Don’t leave things too late – While men can become fathers even into their 70s and beyond, the sperm quality does deteriorate with age. So make the decision to conceive while your swimmers are still in good shape.

10. Avoid toxins and xenoestrogens – This one of the tips to get pregnant applies to men and women. Contact with toxins such as pesticides and other chemicals, exposure to various substances and foods that mimic estrogen in the body (xenoestrogens) should be avoided to increase fertility and chances of conception.