If you have discovered that you are pregnant then the first thing that you might want to do is to find a pregnancy practitioner.  Choosing a doctor is a critical step during pregnancy but is also something which can be hard to do.

A doctor during pregnancy must be qualified, experienced and someone who you are comfortable with.  There are many things to keep in mind or consider while searching for a pregnancy doctor and the following are the most important ones:

things to consider before choosing a pregnancy practitionerReputation

One of the best ways to find a good pregnancy practitioner is to go for the one who has a good reputation. Doctors with a good reputation are popular and you can know about them through word of mouth. Ask people around you like your friends, relatives or coworkers. It is actually quite important to book a doctor who has a good reputation among people.


Another important thing to consider before choosing a pregnancy practitioner is that the doctor must be qualified and properly licensed.   While it is rare for doctors to practice without a license, you must still make sure that your doctor has the backing of the right qualifications.


You may want to meet a few doctors before you can actually narrow down to the one you like the most. During these meetings, you may feel comfortable with some and not so much with the others. It is important to choose that obstetrician who you are most compatible and comfortable with because during these nine months, you might have to discuss some of the most personal things with this doctor. Moreover, you will together be required to make important decisions. Your doctor must be easy to talk to, good at answering questions, accessible easily and also someone who is clear and honest.

Doctor’s History of Deliveries

While some people prefer giving a natural birth, others may prefer to undergo a C Section. Depending upon this, you must check for the doctor’s history of deliveries and see which one has a record of the type of delivery that you prefer. Some doctors may be popular for doing natural deliveries mostly and they must be preferred if you are interested in giving a natural birth yourself.

Proximity to your Home

You will need to make frequent visits to the doctor’s clinic or hospital during and even after the nine months and hence it is a good idea to choose a doctor who is not too far from where you live.  Moreover, it is best if your doctor is just a few minutes away in the case of emergencies like labor or physical injury.


Another important factor which is often ignored when selecting an obstetrician is that the clinic or hospital where the doctor practices must be clean and hygienic. You must prefer choosing the one who pays maximum attention to the hygiene conditions and the cleanliness in and around the room or the clinic. This is especially important at the time of child birth and after.