During pregnancy your body needs loads of energy to facilitate this stage of your life as well as to carry out your household responsibilities and also take care of the baby growing inside.

Some mothers experience chronic fatigue during their pregnancy stage right from morning sickness till they retire to sleep at night.  By following some strategies you can boost up your energy level which will also ease your labor procedure –

steps to be energetic during pregnancy

1. Proper Physical Exercise

To combat your fatigue and nausea during pregnancy you should keep moving to accumulate energy. You will feel tired while moving but try to move with little steps to hold your energy level, of course consulting with your doctor. Moderate-intensity exercises for 30 minutes daily will provide you extra energy unless your doctor advises against it.

2. Yoga

This is one of the most potential ways of boosting energy. It will help you to feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Make a continuous practice of doing yoga atleast for half an hour which will also grow bonding with your baby who is inside of your body.

3. Drink Plenty Water

Being hydrated is the most important thing during pregnancy though it will surely make you frequent lavatory user. Naturally flavored waters like orange juices, cucumber, lemon juices, berries, coconut water etc. can be included in your diet. Try to drink caffeine free teas to be safe during pregnancy and also boost up your energy level simultaneously.

4. Proper Diet and Calorie Intake

Food occupies the most important role to build up energy level during your pregnancy stage. Healthy diet should be incorporated to your daily routine. You should intake foods which contain high level of iron, proteins, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Iron facilitates high energy level and for the absorption of iron your body need vitamin C.

Orange juices, peppers, strawberries, broccoli etc. are the examples of vitamin C enriched foods. On the other hand you can try red meat, enriched cereals and lentils to boost up your iron intake. Chicken, butter nuts, eggs, greek yogurt can be regarded as the sources of protein foods. You should increase 300 calories each day.

Always avoid junk foods that contain fat and sugar which can make you feel less energetic. Combination of plenty of water with balance healthy food will enhance your energy during pregnancy period.

5. Pamper yourself and be Happy

Attend social gatherings and stay amidst people who keep you happy and content. Don’t let negativity or pessimism overpower your mind. Opt for cute attires which will flaunt your bump and feel proud for that. Wear curve hugging dresses if you are attending any party or occasion. Try to take warm baths to soothe your body. It will wash away all your strains as well as freshen you up to be charged with high energy level.

6. Body Massages

Invest your time in really good prenatal messages to relax your body and mind. It will assist you to rid out of your fatigue condition. To commit regular exercise you may join prenatal classes to offer tailored movements to your body.

7. Sleeping Hours

Seven to nine hour sleeping at night is essential at the stage of pregnancy. Try to go to bed when your body needs or take a small nap all through the day. This does not imply that you have to spend majority time in the bed; but just get the quality sleep needed.

Thus with the aforementioned steps you can make your pregnancy period quite enjoyable and charged up with high level of energy.

Photo Credit By: radiance-yoga.net