Losing a pregnancy is a horrible experience for all women, so you might be asking how common are miscarriages in first trimester.

The good news about this topic is that once you get past the first trimester, the chances of you having a miscarriage decrease dramatically.


The first eight weeks

During this period women have about 10%-15% chances of having a miscarriage. The truth is that in many cases the miscarriage takes place even before the woman even knows that she is pregnant. This means that they have a lighter period and after that a heavier one, but nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

Although the miscarriages in the first trimester are quite common, women don’t even know what their heavy period means, so that they don’t really acknowledge the pregnancy loss. This is why it is quite difficult to tell how frequent the miscarriages are during the early stages of pregnancy.

The second part of the first trimester

When asking how common miscarriages are in first trimester you may be thinking about the period when we can talk about an actual fetus. According to statistics the chances of having a miscarriage in the second part of the first trimester is of about 3%.


In case you are wondering about the first trimester miscarriage frequency, most probably you are also interested in the causes that lead to it. The truth is that the specialists don’t really know why the miscarriages take place and why some women are affected while others aren’t.

Naturally when considering how common are miscarriages in first trimester you could have in mind some documented causes, such as syphilis and rubella. There are some environmental factors as well, like radiation. The lifestyle of the mother can also have a word to say, if she is drinking, smoking or using drugs.

Medical disorders

If you are considering the chances of having a miscarriage in the first trimester you should also know that there are some medical conditions that make the appearance of the problem even more likely. These include hypothyroidism, systemic lupus erythematous and diabetes.

The women asking how common are miscarriages in first trimester ought to know that age is another influencing factor. The women over 40 have a 10% chance of having a miscarriage, while before the age of 30 the chances are of only 2%.