Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes need to take extra precautions regarding their health and it is important that they monitor and manage it, in order to have a healthy pregnancy. And if you have acquired gestational pregnancy then you have an extra challenge to overcome than just looking after the health of your baby and you.

It is important that you monitor blood sugar levels at regular intervals as gestational diabetes can be bad both for you and your baby.

tips for diabetes during pregnancyA proper diet and regular exercise can do a long way in keeping the affects of diabetes pregnancy at bay. Gestational diabetes is known to increase of birth defects in the baby and also increase the risk of miscarriages. These birth defects can affect the heart and the brain of the baby as well. It can also lead to over nutrition and over growth of the baby and cause further complications.

But with a proper diet and treatment, gestational pregnancy and its affects can be controlled and you can have a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery.

Here are a few gestational management tips that you can try:


Eating well is the first step towards management of gestational diabetes. Eating the right food can be really helpful in controlling diabetes during pregnancy. Glucose or sugar is the primary energy source in your body and there is a hormone named insulin secreted by the pancreas that controls the amount blood sugar in your body and converts the sugar into energy.

Pregnancy is known to reduce the effect of insulin and hence, your body needs to secrete more and if you have gestational diabetes means that you are body is unable to produce the optimum of insulin. This can increase the blood sugar level and affect the baby in your womb adversely. You can control it with the right diet and right exercises.

Avoid having bad carbs and rely more on whole grain varieties as they are the primary sources of good carbs. These are also a rich source of fiber and hence would also help in your digestion. The diet that you need to follow is not much different from what you regularly have but it is important that you have things in a limited quantity.

Avoid having added sugars and starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, bread, rice etc. It is better to have things like fruits that have low sugar content, yoghurt and milk as then your body would be able to absorb the simple sugars and slowly along with protein and fibers. Have things that have less or no saturated fats.

Physical Exercise

Exercise is another important thing that you need to do in order to control the level of sugar in your blood. Extremely strenuous exercises are not recommended as you are pregnant and you can go for regular walks for about 30-40 minutes.

Checking Blood sugar regularly

Monitoring the blood sugar levels is important and you should do it every day along with checking for the presence of ketones in your urine.


Take insulin injections, if prescribed by the doctor.