Pregnancy is definitely one of the most exciting and important phase for all women but it also brings along list of various health issues and concerns among which gum and teeth problems are very common. There is lot of hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy which may make your gums soft and may lead to bleeding and other issues with teeth.

Thus taking care of your oral health is very important not only during pregnancy but even before and after the phase. Below given are some ways to take care of your oral health, before, during and after pregnancy.

dental care and pregnancy

Dental Care Before Pregnancy

If you are planning for a baby or trying to conceive then go for regular dental checkups so as to keep your gums and teeth healthy before getting pregnant. In case if you have any issues or problems, try to get them treated before you conceive or get pregnant.  Do proper brushing and flossing to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

  • Once you get pregnant, it is very important to take care of your oral health like all other issues as during this phase the gums and teeth become sensitive and thus are more at risk of developing infections and other issues.
  • Though dental treatments should be avoided during pregnancy until there is some emergency but regular visit to dentists should be made to check for any issues or problems. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy there is a risk of developing periodontal disease and lot of women also develop a condition called pregnancy gingivitis where there is bleeding of gums.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a good toothbrush so as to clean them thoroughly. Replace your toothbrush after every three to four months and do not share your brush with anyone. Brushing after meals or sugary snacks is also a good habit. Flossing is also very important to maintain oral hygiene as it helps to clean the area between teeth.
  • Your teeth gets coated with stomach acids after vomiting or gastric reflux that will lead to tooth erosion and the condition will get even get worse if you brush your teeth immediately as it will scratch the enamel. Thus after vomiting, rinse and clean your mouth with fresh water and brush only after an hour or so. You can also use a mouthwash to clean your teeth after you experience sickness as it will make you feel fresh and also clean your teeth.
  • If brushing your teeth provokes retching during pregnancy then you can brush slowly with a small headed brush. If you feel that a certain paste is causing the issue, you can change the paste.
  • It is also very important to take care of your food habits and food cravings during pregnancy. Avoid sugary snacks that may cause tooth decay and in case if you are too tempted then make sure to brush your teeth after that.

Dental Care after Pregnancy

Once you have delivered a baby, you can get your various teeth and gum issues treated that developed during pregnancy.  Even if you did not have any problems, it is better to get a thorough dental checkup.