Pregnancy can be a time of great anticipation but equally it can be a time of doubt and uncertainty. At a time like this, pregnancy information is important because it can be educative and reassuring to know more about why you are feeling and experiencing what you are.

Pregnancy InformationIt can also be fun to know exactly what is going on with the baby at this time and useful to get advice about dealing the discomforts of pregnancy.

We look at some of the most popular and useful pregnancy information books to help you along this exciting journey of pregnancy:

The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy – It is a popular and trusted pick for pregnant women. The formidable reputation that Mayo Clinic has as a leading research group and a non-profit medical organization known for its effective and innovative treatments is part of the reason why this is such a respected source of pregnancy information.

The book includes not just the information about what happens during those 40 weeks but also information about meals, exercise and medications during this period. Authoritative and accurate, the information is compiled by team of experts.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 4th Edition is such a long term favorite of parents to be, that it has long graced the bestseller’s list of the New York Times and is even one of USA Today‘s 25 most influential books of the past 25 years.

This is the 4th edition of the book that has been undated with answers to questions asked by readers as well as recent developments in the area of obstetrics.

Workplace concerns, physical symptoms of pregnancy, advice about how to cope emotionally, nutritional information and other pregnancy dos and don’ts including some much needed support for the dad to be are all part of this excellent source of pregnancy information.

How to Exercise When You’re Expecting: For the 9 Months of Pregnancy and the 5 Months It Takes to Get Your Best Body Back addresses the specific issue of pregnancy exercise, weight gain and subsequent weight loss, a subject that is of acute concern for so many women.

The salient features of the book speaks to busy women telling them how to find the time to exercise, what is safe to do in pregnancy and what is not, and other pregnancy information relating to fitness and nutrition. It also tells you how to deal with pregnancy cravings, how to prepare for labor and delivery and how to deal with the physical and metabolic changes that happen during and after pregnancy.

40 Weeks +: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer is organizer for each stage of pregnancy. Forms, checklists and questionnaires relating to pregnancy are included here.

This organizer helps you organize the pregnancy and includes a timeline and pregnancy calendar, gift tracker, questions you should ask the doctor and other health care workers, shopping lists, time saving tips, and help in making a birth plan as well as other pregnancy information, succinctly presented. It helps you choose between the really useful and the merely trendy baby products.