Stretch marks can be described as a scarring on your skin with an off color hue. It occurs due to the tearing of your dermis which creates unwanted marks on your body that may not diminish completely. Fast weight changes or fast growth of skin can be the reason of the stretch marks.

Hormonal changes during the period of pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy also influence stretch marks. The most effecting hormone in this regard is glucocorticoid hormone which prevents fibroblasts to form collagen as well as elastin fiber, necessary for the growth of skin taut. These lead to the tearing of dermis and the epidermis part of your skin.

There are many natural remedies that can treat these red or purple lines which turns into white or silvery white lines; here are some of them for your knowledge:

Mask of Apricot

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Apricot mask can be beneficial to remove stretch marks from your body. To prepare apricot mask, you need to deseed 2-3 apricots and crush those to form a paste. Application of this paste on your stretch marks for twice daily for one month can fade your stretch marks.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has the feature of plant collagen which is useful to repair your stretch marks. Fresh aloe vera gel is always recommended rather than using the chemical ones bought from the market. You can de-throne the aloe vera leaves to remove its outer skin in order to obtain sticky formation of the gel. Apply it on your affected portion of the body and keep it for 2-3 hours. After that you can wash off it.

Natural Oils

Natural oils are outstanding emollients to treat with skin issues like stretch marks. Gentle massage with natural oil on the affected part of your body will be beneficial for your stretch marks. Hence it has to be remembered that the selection of proper natural oil is very much essential.

Olive oil has been identified as one the effective oil in this regard due to its antioxidant properties and lots of nutritional values. Combining lavender oil with chamomile oil and almond oil, you can apply for 2-4 times a day to patch up your skin. In place of almond oil, you can mix up any other carrier oil available with you.

Juice of Potato

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Potato is one of the most commonly used ingredients in your kitchen. It is a pocket friendly item that has essential fatty acids, various vitamins and minerals, potassium, calcium, zinc etc. Due its power of stimulation collagen, it can brilliantly renovate your skin tone and lighten marks.

To apply the juice of potato you need to remove its skin and slice into thick portions. Take one of the portions and rub ob your stretch marks and wash off after 15 minutes.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can assist you to remove your stretch marks. Vitamin C of lemon can effectively remove the dead skins and diminish your stretch marks. Cut the lemon into 2 halves and apply one of them on your stretch marks for around 10 minutes and wash off. For fast results, you can combine potato juice or tomato juice or cucumber juice with it.