The postpartum blues are more common than many people realize. It is often assumed all new mothers are elated after giving birth and thrilled to begin life with a new addition to the family.

The truth is, even the happiest of new moms are at the mercy of their fluctuating hormones. When the blues set in, try these natural tips on how to deal with depression:

Accept Offers Of Help

You may not be crazy about the idea of your mom or mother-in-law coming to help after you give birth, but additional help around the house can ease your blues.

When you are feeling depressed and anxious, the feelings will only get worse when the housework falls behind or when you lose sleep for nights on end.

Let go of the notion you have to do everything by yourself in order to be a good mom.

Avoid Isolation

Being cooped up in your home alone all day with the baby isn’t good for your mental health. You need to stay in contact with friends and family even if it is by computer or phone.

We are all social beings and need to be around others and in contact with those we love in order to feel supported and connected to life.

Take Care Of Your Health

When fighting any kind of depression, it really helps to get plenty of exercise and to eat a healthy diet.

You may find you can blow off some of your postpartum blues if you exercise at moderate intensity for at least thirty minutes each day.

Avoid junk food and choose whole foods that are packed with nutrition and low in calories. A healthy diet and exercise not only helps you feel better, but they will help you lose the baby weight quicker too.

Talk About Your Feelings

When you have the postpartum blues, don’t keep your feelings bottled up. Talk to your husband, sister, mother, or best friend. Talking can help a lot and make you feel more at ease with your problem. You can even find places online such as Depression Connect where you can talk with other moms struggling with the postpartum blues.

Take Time For Yourself

Your baby will take up a lot of your time and attention, but that is no excuse to forget about your needs. Take time to read one of your favorite books, go to a matinee, or enjoy a romantic evening with your husband. Pamper yourself every chance you get.

Giving birth takes a huge toll on any new mom and can leave her feeling tired, overwhelmed, depressed, moody, and anxious. If you recognize the symptoms of postpartum blues, don’t feel ashamed, they will pass in time. Get help if your problems are serious, otherwise, remember to take care of yourself while caring for your new baby, so you will both be happy and healthy.