Your hair texture and quality will change during pregnancy and after delivery vastly. By the time your kid turns 3 years old, you curls would be reduced to almost half; yes this is a big disadvantage of post partum years. However, the good news is that its temporary and you can do few things to pump up your hair and get the lustre and volume.

Postnatal hair care tips

The reasons of such hair loss during and after pregnancy solely depend on hormonal changes that restrict the production of sebum. Just after delivery, the hair fall trouble gets worse and many women almost lose 30% hair till 4-5 months. Read on to know the ways that can help to reduce hair fall post pregnancy –

Try Loose Hairstyles

Do not comb your hair harshly or make hairstyles that need stretching of the hair. Hairstyles like weaves, cornrows, braids, or tight rollers usually pull down the hair and create tension at the scalp thus breaking the roots. This is a common tendency that all women should avoid, even who are not suffering from post pregnancy hair loss.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet always promotes good hair, be it in any health condition. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals that have antioxidants and flavonoids that are responsible to protect hair follicles. These nutrients also enhance the hair growth rate, which will surely compensate the hair fall you are experiencing after pregnancy. Add foods that contain more of vitamins C and E, zinc, B complex and biotin.

Change your Comb

Use combs that are wide toothed and minimise using hair accessories. These get the hairs tangled and often are responsible for unnecessary breakage of hair. Do not comb your hair when wet; let it dry completely, apply a serum and then comb to minimise hair fall.

Select Mild and Natural Shampoos

Post pregnancy you will not get much time to devote hours for hair care; therefore you will have to go for store items rather than home made. Just be careful while buying shampoos and consider only the ones that do not contain harsh chemicals – buy the ones that are mild or have herbal elements like aloe vera, ginseng, rosemary, Indian gooseberry, neem, sage, burdock etc. These herbs reduce all kinds of hair troubles and initiates growth of new hair shafts.

Avoid Heated Styling Tools

A new mother hardly gets time for parlour styling; its good in a way! The more you avoid such heated styling tools for your hair, the more they are safe. Hot rollers, curling irons, blow dryers, flat irons are a complete ‘no’. Even if you use hair dryer, make sure you frizz your hair a bit with cool shower.

Short Haircut

This is always a wise option to reduce the problem of hairfall. Go for a shorter length hair and see the change. Your hair will be healthier and look voluminous when shorter. There will be no split ends, dandruff, no tensions of pulling and tying hair etc. Just let you hair go free and take care of it as much as possible. Shorter hairstyles do not cause pressure on the hair follicles thus there is much less hairfall if you have short hair.

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