When it comes to finding methods of preventing pregnancy, there are several different factors that you should take into consideration.

These include your age, overall health, the number of partners you have, the frequency of intercourse and whether or not you would like to have children in the future.

The pill as a pregnancy prevention method

This is the first method that the majority of women think about when it comes to contraceptive methods.

methods-of-preventing-pregnancyMost of the pills that you can find now are combined oral contraceptives that contain both progestin and estrogen. There are also the progestin only pills that only have progestin.

The COC methods of contraception make the periods more regular. They also offer protection against PID and endometrial and ovarian cancers. These pills are safe for the majority of women.

Nonetheless smokers, women over 35 and those who have a family history of cardiovascular diseases shouldn’t use them.

In the same time this one of the methods of preventing pregnancy isn’t safe for women who have a history of endometrial or breast cancer or blood clots because of the possible side effects.

The POPs have a different method of acting. They thicken and reduce the endometrium, thus making impossible for the sperm to reach the egg and for the fertilized egg to get implanted into the lining of the uterus.

Since this one of the contraception methods doesn’t come with any estrogen, this can be taken by women who can’t take COCs. The effects of the pills include weight gain, menstrual changes and breast tenderness.

Injectable progestins

This one of the methods of preventing pregnancy can offer security for 3 months. The method acts by prohibiting ovulation, making changes in the cervical mucus so that the sperm won’t fertilize the egg. It also makes changes in the lining of the uterus so the fertilized egg won’t be able to get implanted.

This is a great pregnancy prevention solution because all women have to do is to go to their doctor to get a shot every 3 months. The side effects and benefits of the shots are something like those of the POP pills.

Intrauterine devices

These methods of preventing pregnancy are also known as IUDs. The truth is that lately the method received some negative publicity because of the incidences of pelvic infections. Nonetheless the devices of our days have very low failure rate. This actually is a T-shaped device that needs to be inserted into the uterus by a professional. There are two main available types.

One of the preconception solutions that you could use is the devices with copper that can stay in place for 10 years. The other kind uses progesterone and it needs to be replaced every year. This is the right solution for the women who have long term and monogamous relationships so that they aren’t at risk of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases.

There are some other methods of preventing pregnancy such as the sponge, diaphragm, vaginal spermicides, condoms and cervical cap.