Cannabis, which is popularly known as marijuana is a common drug which many people in the world smoke and abuse. Marijuana, if taken in large quantities may have several side effects and harmful effects on a person and may prove to be very dangerous if the person is a pregnant woman. Smoking marijuana has many harmful side effects on unborn babies and due to this reason, it must be not be taken by any woman who is pregnant. The following are a few of the many marijuana side effects on unborn babies:

Marijuana Side Effects on Unborn Babies

  • The most common and popular side effect of marijuana is that it may cause mental defects in the unborn babies and may also lead to lasting behavioral defects.
  • The babies who are exposed to marijuana while they are still in their mother’s womb are very likely to suffer from long term problems even if they don’t show some obvious and visible defects.
  • Marijuana exposure and usage among pregnant woman can also lead to some development side effects in the unborn babies. Smoking cannabis has also shown to cause several neurological disorders in the fetuses.
  • What marijuana does is that it increases the level of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in the blood stream which can further lead to low oxygen level in the unborn child. Due to this, the baby when born might have low birth weight and might have this as a long term issue.
  • Many studies have shown that pregnant woman who smoked marijuana had babies who had difficult to focus, learn and concentrate all their lives and also faced difficulty during problem solving exercises.
  • Some other symptoms or harmful side effects of marijuana consisted of withdrawal symptoms and neural defects in the babies.
  • Marijuana also has a direct connection with breast feeding because in the case of pregnant woman smokes marijuana, even her breast milk is exposed and that leads the infant to be exposed to high levels of the contaminant. Having been exposed to a mind altering drug, the infant might have not had fully developed brain functions.
  • Infact babies who are exposed to marijuana though the mother’s breast milk are often more lethargic and dull. This is also another side effect of marijuana on babies because of mother’s who smoke marijuana during pregnancy.

Due to all these side effects and after affects of marijuana, it is strongly recommended that pregnant women must not have marijuana even in smaller amounts.

Though many Marijuana users may insist that the substance is not addictive, it can become a serious psychological addiction if left unchecked. Don’t let it get to this point, especially if you’re pregnant. An outpatient treatment center may be the best course of action if this applies to you. Find more information here, and learn about one of the many ways you can receive help with Marijuana addiction. This is an issue that does not deserve to be put off any longer, especially when the well-being of a child is at stake.