It is all very well to say that a woman should eat healthy during pregnancy, but what about practical tips and pregnancy recipes that will help her do so? We look at some great resources to help a woman prepare healthy and nutritious meals for herself and her family during those all important nine months:

Listed here are some popular pregnancy recipes books

Pregnancy Cooking and Nutrition for Dummies is a part of the hugely popular “For Dummies” series that aims to offer basic information about things, without expecting one to be an expert at anything.

This set of recipes also explains in a step by step manner, the way that an expectant mom can cook tasty meals that also take care of nutritional balance.


Tips on how to improve on family favorites, tips on tackling morning sickness, pregnancy cravings, understanding nutritional needs of mommy and baby are other highlights of the book.

What to Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting is a part of the hugely popular series of pregnancy related books What to Expect. This pregnancy recipes book is divided into different segments such as conception diet, food safety, how much weight gain is required, postpartum diet, and so on.

Common questions that women may have about pregnancy nutrition, such as alcohol, sushi, caffeine, cravings, are answered in a non-didactic, friendly tone.

Your Vegetarian Pregnancy: A Month-by-Month Guide to Health and Nutrition is a book written by a mother, a vegetarian and an obstetrician so vegetarian mothers can be assured that here is someone who knows what she is talking about. Here is a recipe book that caters not only to a woman’s nutritional concerns such as how to get enough protein on a vegetarian diet, but also offers spiritual guidance. A question and answer format makes it easier to skip bits that may not be of use to you.

Some useful online resources for pregnancy recipes:

Pregnancy-friendly recipes and information from the BBC is a free and useful online resource for women wondering what to eat and how to make it palatable.

The usual information about what to eat and what to avoid is offered, and then you have some interesting and nutritious combinations such as red lentil and aubergine moussaka, meatballs with herb salad, etc.

There are suggestions for light meals and snack, side dishes, breakfast, starters, desserts and so on. The site has information about what nutrients are necessary for a pregnancy diet and what may be harmful in excess.

A good resource for vegetarian pregnancy recipes here, tells you how to whip hearty recipes such as a beans and veggie soup, corn sprouts and veggie salad, one pot veg noodles, Spanish omelet with peppers, spaghetti with squash and pine nuts, and several other suggestions with an accent on how to get sufficient protein out of a vegetarian diet.

An added feature available here is a printable weekly meal planner to help you organize meals in a way of your choosing you can collate all the recipes that you liked, or had heard from a family member or friend as well.