When a woman gets pregnant, she starts to experience certain things which indicate the news to her and are a way to identify the commencement of pregnancy. While symptoms like vomiting, nausea, mood swings etc. are common, there are certain signs which are not experienced by all and are rather unusual.

Pregnancy brings a host of changes in a female’s body and this reflects through these signs which can be common as well uncommon. But it is important to know even about the unusual signs to detect pregnancy. The following are some of the most unusual signs and symptoms of early pregnancy:

experiencing some unusual early signs and symptoms you might be pregnantBreathlessness

One of the most unusual, yet completely normal sign of early pregnancy is breathlessness. The breathlessness is usually mild and happens as the uterus starts pushing up on the diaphragm.  Moreover, the hormones also tend to play a role in the increasing depth as well as the frequency of the breathing.  Mostly, a woman is likely to experience breathlessness having exertion in such a case.  Infact, females who already have asthma may experience even worse condition of this sign.


Another unusual thing that can happen as an indication of pregnancy is snoring. This happens even if a woman hasn’t snored all her life because during pregnancy, one might gain weight and experience nasal congestion.  So if you have been experiencing unusual snoring off late, then you might just take the test.


Having nosebleeds can also be a sign of pregnancy, however unusual or unheard of it may sound. This happens because during pregnancy, the blood vessels present in the nose tend to expand due to an increase in the blood supply in the body.  The pressure of this expansion can lead to the bleeding from the nose.  The nosebleeds are often infrequent and there is nothing much to worry about them.  If you experience frequent and heavy nose bleeds, then you must see your doctor.


Yes, normal skin changes are common during pregnancy but an unusual thing that can happen is a skin rash. Some of the skin rashes that occur only during pregnancy and are thus a sign include herpes gestationis, prurigo gestationis and papular dermatitis etc.  These skin rashes have a certain characteristic appearance which your doctor might immediately recognize.


Not so often, females experience certain allergies at the onset of pregnancy and this is yet another sign. Some of the common allergic reactions which females might suffer from include sneezing, sniffling and wheezing.

Vaginal Discharge

Another early pregnancy sign which is pretty unusual and often ignored is an increase in the vaginal discharge. There is nothing to worry about this because it is just proof that the vagina is doing a good job in maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the birth canal.  Some females also experience itching and burning.


Another unusual early pregnancy sign is sleeplessness. This is unusual because pregnancy brings a lot of fatigue and tiredness and not being able to sleep inspite of that is rare.