With our modern lifestyles and consequent stresses; the environmental pollution and the toxins we live with, it is no longer a simple case of “have sex, get pregnant”.

Rising infertility is a global phenomenon with the result that men and women are constantly looking for ways to increase fertility.

Why there are so many looking to increase fertility

Rising maternal age and delayed pregnancy is one of the reasons for infertility. In addition having certain sexually transmitted infection (often asymptomatic), or conditions such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can lower female fertility.

Increase FertilityIf men are also looking to improve fertility it is because of falling sperm counts and increased abnormal sperm. Environmental toxins mean that men are exposed to estrogen like chemicals which negatively impacts fertility.

Even things as seemingly innocuous as laptop use or tight clothing, can hamper male fertility.

Given that declining fertility is a problem that many face, here are some tips to increase fertility naturally

  1. Weight control is an important way to improve fertility. Being obese or underweight can both impact fertility negatively, in men as well as women. So for men as well as women, getting to a weight that falls within the normal range is important.
  2. Give up smoking and other bad habits – Smoking is known to lower fertility among men as well as women and is also known to increase risk of miscarriage, pregnancy complications and birth defects. So give up smoking to improve fertility as well as a million other reasons.  Lower alcohol and caffeine intake (including sodas) as well.
  3. Lowering stress is a simple and natural way to increase fertility. The hormones secreted by stress can adversely affect fertility even if it is only the stress of wanting to get pregnant. Relax by learning techniques such as meditation, yoga and so on and remember to enjoy sex for itself rather than see it only as a means to an end.
  4. Consider alternative therapies – Research has shown that traditional practices such as acupuncture are able to improve fertility rates, particularly when used in conjunction with mainstream fertility treatments. However remember to clear any alternative therapies you are considering with your doctor before using them.
  5. Take a holiday – The change of scene and the slowing of pace may be just the thing you need to relax and enjoy yourself, and to increase fertility naturally.
  6. Exercise regularly – Fitness improves immunity, lowers incidence of disease and also increases fertility. It may be something that a couple can start doing together, increasing intimacy and bonding, which could help improve chances of conception in other ways.
  7. Change your diet – A diet high in saturated fats, sugars, refined and processed foods is not good for health or fertility. Instead eat a diet that has greater proportion of fruit and vegetables and wholegrain.

Consider getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases – Many STDs may be asymptomatic but they could contribute to infertility. So being in good sexual health is an important way to increase fertility.