Caesarean section deliveries are very common these days and is also in fact one of the most opted types of deliveries as well. Even inspite of this, it is considered a major surgery after which a woman needs time to heal.

One must not overexert oneself too soon after the procedure as it can cause several complications and may also prolong the healing process. So if you wish to get back to your fitness routine after your C section, then you will need to take it slow and only do selective exercises after it. Given below is the information about the exercises that you can do after a C section.

best exercises to do after a c sectionGentle and Low Impact Exercises

You must keep in mind that you cannot start doing any exercises till atleast a few weeks after your C section. Whenever you start, make sure you start with gentle and low impact exercises because you cannot tax your muscles all of a sudden after the huge gap in your exercise routine. You can gradually move onto high impact exercises.


In order to strengthen your hips, you can try doing bridges as this is a low intensity exercise which helps to tone the core with the hips. To do this exercise, start with lying on your back and keep your legs apart. Your knees must be bent at an angle of 45 degrees. Now squeeze your lower ab muscles while raising your hips off the floor. Raise your hips further and then hold that position for a few seconds. Now slowly lower your hips down and then repeat for three sets of 10 reps.


Kegels can help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are important for both stability as well as balance. These exercises also help to improve the urine flow and can be performed just about anywhere.

Forward Bends

Forward bends are great for gaining back strength and are also important for maintaining a good posture. They help to avoid lumber pain and can be done after a c section. It is very easy to do forward bends as you first need to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands on your hips. Now raise your arms over your head and slowly start to bend forward at the waist. You must keep bending until the upper body is level with the floor and keep your back flat. Now slowly come back to the original position.


Another exercise that you can perform after c section is planks. These help to strengthen your abs and are easier to do as compared to crunches. To do planks, you must first get into the pushup position and then lower your own self onto your elbows. Now lift your knees off the ground and straighten your body as much as possible. At this point, your shoulders, hips and feet must be in a straight line. Hold this position for 30-50 seconds and then repeat about 4 times.