So you plan to have an active pregnancy and aim to remain fit and healthy throughout those nine months and are charged up for this. It is also likely that you want the right kind of maternity workout clothes to help motivate you and give you the confidence to remain active through the pregnancy.

It is also likely that you may be seduced by the clever marketing tactics of maternity workout clothes manufacturers and may end up wanting to buy a whole range of maternity workout gear. But really what do you really need and what can you do without?

A lot of your existing workout clothing will do for the first half of the pregnancy

Maternity Workout ClothesIf you already have the kind of yoga pants that have a roll down type waistband or drawstring pajamas this will do perfectly well for the first half of your pregnancy. Roomy tees that you’re comfy in are other things that you can use through pregnancy.

So before rushing out and buying a whole lot of maternity workout clothes consider your wardrobe and see what you really need.

What kind of workout do you plan for pregnancy?

If you plan to simply walk during your pregnancy, you may not need much in the way of special workout clothing for expectant moms. The clothes that you generally wear around the house may be quite suitable particularly if you wear a lot of comfy track pants and roomy sweatshirts.

If you already have a good pair of supporting walking shoes you may just be set! If however you plan to swim, you may need a swimsuit specially made for pregnancy.

The basic maternity workout clothes you may need

Good quality sports bras – One of the areas where pregnant women put on weight is the breasts and so giving adequate support to them while working out is important. Some maternity tank tops with racer backs come equipped with a built in sports bras.

Basic track pants – It is best to buy track pants that are specially made for pregnancy not only because they will be roomy around the belly, but also became the good quality ones will have built in support for the growing belly and could make the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable workout.

The waistband should be flexible enough to fit wherever you find comfortable: over the waist, below it or below the tummy. A few basic colors in well cut styles can be teemed with a dressy top to go just about anywhere.

A maternity support belt could be another good idea in the later stages of the pregnancy. It supports the belly and in cases may also help to keep backaches at bay.

Other things to keep in mind about maternity workout clothes

Pick natural breathable materials that are comfortable to wear and which help wick up sweat. Maternity workout wear should be supportive and comfortable to wear. It should be designed for the pregnant belly, not just large women. Look for flat comfortable seams that don’t dig into the skin.