There is no doubt that the proper gym workouts for women can have a positive impact on a woman’s health, her fitness and even her self-esteem. Gym workouts can have the benefit of keeping one motivated: you can work out with a friend or a group of friends and also have advantage of systematic workouts, assisted by trained professionals.

Some of the best gym workouts for women are:


Many so-called experts give cardio a bad rap alleging it’s a waste of time and so on. But really you cannot go wrong with cardio exercises (which raise the heartbeat significantly for a significant amount of time). Use the treadmill, and increase the speed and the incline gradually to get a tougher workout. Use the rowing machine for a great upper body workout, the exercise bike for a lower body workout, and the elliptical machine for both.



This can be one of the best gym workouts for women who enjoy group activities and find that they are more motivated and likely to stick to a plan with the encouragement and support of others. An aerobics class, with a trainer who directs the exercise and several other workout buddies along with a friendly competitive spirit may really work for a lot of women.

Free weights or weight machines

No matter how you do them, weights are a good addition to your gym workout. Use free weights because they can give you a better range of motion and a fuller workout. But if you are a newbie or are afraid of dropping something or injuring yourself, go with weight machines. You should however do weight at least a couple of times a week.

Resistance training

Several machines in the gym such as resistance bands, swimming machines and other exercise machines will help you add resistance to your workout. These exercises are important not only to strengthen muscles but also because working against resistance, helps to increase bone mass.

Interval training

Another of the most effective gym workouts for women is interval training that consists of high intensity exercise interspersed with low intensity exercises. This type of workout is known to be more effective for fat loss than moderate intensity exercise.

Other things to keep in mind about gym workouts for women

Use proper form when workout out. This not only helps you get the best out of your workout, it also helps to prevent injury. So perform each exercise correctly, maintaining the correct posture, using the correct technique and getting the full range of motion.

Don’t get distracted reading a book or watching TV while working out. You can also end up wasting a lot of time chatting with friends, changing in the locker room, showering and so on. So use your time at the gym effectively.

Interval training and weights are effective gym workouts for women that are however structured to have intervals. Waiting or resting too long between sets will lower the impact of the workout.