We are well aware of how important exercises for pregnant women are: they ensure good health for the mothers, prevent excess pregnancy weight gain and even prove to be beneficial for the future good health of the baby.

We look at the best and most suitable exercises for pregnant women.

1.Walking – This is one of the best exercise that there is, regardless of whether a woman is pregnant or not. Walking can be as brisk or gentle as you want it, it is low impact, it requires no skill or training or equipment and best of all its free.

Exercises For Pregnant WomenTo make sure that you get the best out of your walk, do stretches to warm up beforehand and minimize the risk of injury. Wear good shoes and comfy clothing to get started.

2.Swimming – This is another of the best exercises for pregnant women because the water acts as a cushion for the body, preventing impact or injury.

There is no stress to the joints which are already under pressure from the pregnancy nor to the ligaments that have been loosened by the hormonal changes in a pregnant body.

Swimming is an excellent whole body workout that can be continued throughout the pregnancy.

3.Running – This exercise may be suitable for those pregnant women who have been used to running or jogging. Pregnancy is not the right time to actually start a jogging routine.

4.Bicycling – This is another one of the recommended exercises for pregnant women because it is a good workout that places little pressure on the joints and ligaments.

Women should be careful about bicycling later in the pregnancy because they can be at increased risk of falls and injuries. It possible shift to a stationary bicycle later in the pregnancy, to avoid this risk.

5.Yoga – Yoga comes highly recommended among the exercises for pregnant women. This is because yoga is gentle and also involves breathing exercises, posture related exercises, stretches and mind body exercises, all of which are great for pregnant women. However it is important to perform only those exercises and positions that are suitable for pregnant women.

6.Dance – Dance can be a fun way to keep fit and an effective workout that doesn’t seem like a workout. However it is important to pick the type of dances that do not involve too much spinning, jumping or leaping because you don’t want the added impact to your joints and ligaments or risk falling at this time.

7.Pilates – Similar to yoga and indeed drawing from some of the poses and exercise of yoga is Pilates. This is also gentle and non-strenuous enough for pregnant women to do till the end of pregnancy. Like yoga, the Pilates exercises you do should be suitable for pregnant women.

8.Kegel’s Exercises – These are important exercises for pregnant women because they help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This is beneficial during the pregnancy and childbirth as well as later in life, because it can help to prevent stress incontinence as well as hemorrhoids.