The pre-pregnancy diet that mothers as well as fathers have has far-reaching consequences: it could impact not only how the pregnancy will progress but also the future health of the baby to be born.

So obliviously it is important to know not only what to include but also what to exclude from the diet when trying to get pregnant.

Many of the foods to avoid before pregnancy are the same as those you should avoid during pregnancy because often you may be pregnant and not even know it for a while and the food could have negative consequences on the pregnancy.  The foods that you should exclude from your pre-pregnancy diet are:

Unpasteurized Dairy Food that could result in infections – Unpasteurized dairy products as well as soft cheeses could result in food borne illnesses and should be avoided before and during pregnancy.

Any unwashed raw foods such as salads could also cause food borne illnesses. So either cook all veggies partly or it is raw salad you are having, make sure that whatever you eat is thoroughly cleaned.

Raw meat or partly cooked meat, raw eggs, raw or partly cooked fish is not a suitable part of a pre-pregnancy diet because this can also lead to bacterial food poisoning.

All meats should be properly cooked including cold cuts and deli meats. Also make sure to wash hands thoroughly after handling any raw or partly cooked meat.

Fish is good to have before and during pregnancy, but it is best to avoid fish that is high in mercury.

Food that hampers fertility – Transfats, highly processed and refined foods, sugary foods may lower fertility and should be avoided when trying to get pregnant.

Sodas also seem to hamper fertility, as does alcohol consumption. Too much caffeine may also be bad, though there is no absolute embargo on tea and coffee before or during pregnancy.

Bad habits such as drug abuse and smoking are also known to negatively impact fertility in men as well as women and these should certainly not be a part of the pre-pregnancy diet either for men or women.

Medications – When you’re trying to get pregnant it is best to take any medications only under medical supervision; whether it is prescription medicine or over the counter drugs. If you are on medication for a chronic or long standing condition, consult with the doctor about discontinuing the drug, or adjusting the dosage.

Even over the counter medications such as allergy medicines should be cleared with the GP. Experts recommend that Ibuprofen shouldn’t form a part of a pre-pregnancy diet because it could interfere with implantation and could cause other pregnancy problems.

Food dads-to-be should avoid – Men who are looking to make a baby also have to be careful about what they eat. Trans-fats are a no-no, as are recreational drugs, smoking and alcohol. Men should avoid processed and sugary foods; same as women.

In addition men should avoid soy and soy based foods in their pre-pregnancy diet because soy is known to mimic the function of estrogen, which is thought to hamper fertility.