As mercury rises, quench for thrust spontaneously push you to drink plenty of water. According to the old rule, you are supposed to have at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. To be hydrated, in spite of drinking water you can opt for other healthy drinks or foods to prevent sluggishness of dehydration.

Foods That Keep You Hydrated


It gives you energy and helps to look radiant. Here lie a few lists of good alternative sources of water which you can include in your regular diet chart.

1. Cucumber  can make you feel nonchalant on a sunny day as it contains 95% of water which mostly helps you to be hydrated. As water flashes out the toxins of your body it is very essential to have enough water. Addition of cucumber to your diet will also help you to burn your calories as well. Caffeic Acid of cucumber soothes your skin as well.  

2. Watermelon which is full of hydrating compounds contains lycopene, which is cancer-fighting antioxidant. You will love to make a smoothie of watermelon which can be a variant technique to intake water in such a scorching heat.

3. Crisp Lettuce hits the list with 91% of water to assist hydrating procedure of your body. It also includes small quantity of vitamin C and K. You can opt for a good green salad either in lunch or in dinner to hydrate yourself. You can make a habit of using lettuce in your yummy sandwich as well.

4. Radishes containing 95% of water offers a crunchy texture and spicy-sweet flavour to your salad. Combining with cabbage, chopped hazelnuts, parsley, carrots and proper seasoning it can aid your excellence of your food. More importantly is also contains catechin- an antioxidant.

5. Strawberries contribute significantly to overall fluid intake with 91% water. It also delivers vitamin C, vitamin B and folate to your body which benefit your cell development. You can try them out with some appetizing recipes which are accessible from net.

6. Yogurt – be it sour or sweet is one the most helpful source of food to hydrate your body. You will get calcium and vitamin B12 from this food. You can intake directly or make ‘lassi’ or ‘raita’ adding chopped cucumber and flavour it with rose essence.

7. Tomato which is often identified as vegetable is scientifically a fruit. This food is encumbered with water and nutrients which makes it exceptionally healthy. As tomatoes are full of water it also assists to cure constipation as well as appearance of wrinkles.

8.  Banana containing 85% of water provides your body vitamin B6, carbohydrates and potassium. It is an exceptional source of prompt energy. It maintains blood pressure and acts as an antacid. Banana can be enjoyed with salad or milk shakes.

Besides above given, some of the other food items to keep you hydrated include celery, zucchini, spinach, grapefruit, peach, carrots, apple, blueberries, apricot, raspberries, orange juice, broccoli and many others. So make these foods a part of your daily diet and keep yourself hydrated this summer.