Most women these days become mothers at an advanced age as most of them are too busy with their careers and conceiving naturally at this age can be really difficult. IVF is what many women are turning to in order to have a baby. But there are many natural ways to have a child that you can consider instead of IVF.

Stress has an important role to play in the lives of the women and even you as you have to manage your career, home, family and a lot many things and this stress can act as a hindrance for you not being able to conceive naturally. Stress affects your body in many ways and causes a lot of problem and affects your fertility as well.

yoga poses for conceptionHow Does Yoga Help in Conceiving?

Yoga is a natural way of distressing yourself and it is considered to be a great form of exercise for women who are trying to conceive and if you are one amongst them, then you can consider getting enrolled in your nearest yoga classes. There are specific yoga poses that you can try as these are known to encourage blood flow and stimulate the glands that that present in the reproductive system. These posses also help in stretching and toning your body and releasing muscle tension.

Yoga poses for conception –

Supported Head Stand

This pose can be really strenuous and challenging and is rightly known as the mother of all yoga poses. It offers incredible benefits as well. It is like standing upside down and if you are not pro, then seek the help of yoga gurus. This pose helps to boost the level of hormones in your body and it relaxes the mind and the body and is extremely beneficial to women who want to conceive. Hold this pose for about 10 seconds

Supported Shoulder Stand

This pose is somewhat similar to the above but here you need to balance your body weight on your shoulders rather than your head. This pose relaxes the pelvic region and that encourage the flow of blood to your uterus. Do not try and move your head while being in this pose as it might lead to some kind of injuries. Ask for help, if required.

Supported Bridge Pose

This is yet another pose than can be really strenuous. Here you need to use the muscles of your buttocks to hold yourself up. This means you are also lifting your pelvic region in the process and this allows energies to circulate properly through your ovaries and uterus.

Butterfly Pose

This is comparatively easy and a seated posture. This pose also benefits you by stimulating your pelvic region and releasing any kind of energy present in the hips and the groin regions. The tension that is carried in the hip region is released through this.


This pose is also great for the pelvic as well as the back. It works by stimulating the hormones and transmitting positive energy to the ovaries as well as the uterus.