For most women the first signs of a pregnancy occur only about the time that she would have missed her first period and it is about this time that she will be able to confirm whether or not she is pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test.

But is it possible to experience conception symptoms or the symptoms of pregnancy even before a missed period?

Conception SymptomsThe fact is that every woman is different and every female body experiences menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth differently. So it is with conception symptoms: some women may ‘feel’ pregnant quite instinctively just days after having conceived while other women experience none at all.

Is it possible to experience symptoms of conception even before a missed period?

While for most women the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period, for others signs and symptoms of having conceived a baby could manifest even earlier. The fact is that many women do experience these conception symptoms.

It could be that some women experience the symptoms quite simply because they have been trying to get pregnant and are expecting these symptoms.

This is not to say that these very early pregnancy symptoms are all in their head or that they are imaginary. It could simply be that women are more sensitive to the slightest bodily change at this time. And then there is female intuition – which can be more reliable than we think. If a woman instinctively feels that she is pregnant; well she just could be.

Women can and do at time experience these early symptoms and if at this early stage they take a home pregnancy test, it may well be negative.

Yet when that test is repeated a week or two later, it could be positive, showing that those very early symptoms of conception were in fact correct.

What are the conception symptoms that women could experience?

Some women report to feeling abdominal discomfort or mild cramping just days after having sex which was likely to have resulted in a pregnancy.

It could be that some amount of nausea is felt. There could be breast tenderness or a darkening of the nipples that some women detect very early in their pregnancy. Women may also feel moody or tearful and emotional. In fact it is the very same symptoms that most women experience a little later in their pregnancy.

Could it be a false alarm?

For women who are eager to conceive it is important to be a little patient. It could be that they are actually experiencing conception symptoms as a result of having conceived. However it is also possible that in their eagerness they are indulging in some wishful thinking.

The only way to make sure whether it is the symptoms of conception that a woman is experiencing or something else, is to wait until the time she would have missed her period and then take a pregnancy test. It is also possible to confirm whether or not it is actually conception symptoms that she is having by taking an early blood test for detecting a pregnancy.