When we are told that the best positions to get pregnant are X or Y positions, we tend to think that the sexual position could make a difference to our chances of getting pregnant.

After all the position that facilitates the closest contact between egg and sperm ought to make a difference.

We also come across ‘advice’ that tells us the best positions to get pregnant with a particular gender of child: supposedly the direction in which you lie when having sex is supposed to make the difference.

Best Positions to Get Pregnant

So how much of this is fact and how much is fiction? We look at whether the sexual position assumed by couples can make a difference to them.

How often to have sex

Rather than the best positions to get pregnant, the more important determining factor is probably the frequency of sex. More sex doesn’t necessarily increase chances of getting pregnant.

Experts advise that the optimum frequency of sexual intercourse should be once in two days. This gives a chance for the sperm count to recharge. And it is best to time intercourse around ovulation to maximize chances of pregnancy; this goes without saying.

The missionary position is one of the best positions to get pregnant

This advice is based on assumption rather than actual study or research. Experts have deduced that the position with the man on top probably is most conducive for deeper penetration and the best possible chance for the sperm and egg to meet.

To increase chances of conception, experts also advise that a pillow be placed under the woman’s hips to elevate them slightly. Doing this and raising the legs is supposed to enable to sperm to swim “upstream” more easily.

However this is conjecture or theoretical advice at best. There is no evidence or research to back up claims that one position is better than another to get pregnant.

The fact is that practically any position is the best position to get pregnant. The doggie style (where the woman is on all fours and the man penetrates from behind), woman on top, doing in standing up will probably reduce the probability slightly, but the fact is that a woman can get pregnant in any position.

Factors other than the best positions to get pregnant that you should consider

One thing that women should absolutely not do after sex is to douche if trying to get pregnant. Douching is a bad idea even otherwise and a complete no-no if trying to get pregnant.

Elevate the hips during regular missionary sex and remain in that lying down position with the legs up for a while after sex. Some women also say that cycling the legs in the air afterwards helps them get pregnant.

And best positions to get pregnant with a girl or a boy?

There is absolutely no evidence to show that one position may produce a girl while another will make a boy. Though many self proclaimed experts will tell you that some diets, certain directions (aligned north-south or east-west and so on) will have the desired result, none of this is supported by science.