When it comes to childbirth, it is a known fact that there are two options – natural birth and C section. Usually women have C section only in case they have no other way, but in our days it is also possible to have the procedure on request according to an appointment. What do the celebrities do?

Natural birth

1. Beyonce

Although there have been some rumors according to which Beyonce gave birth through C section, the parents scattered the rumors saying that her daughter arrived through natural birth and this has been the best experience of the life of both Beyonce and Jay-Z and they are happy with their decision.

Jessica-Alba2. Jessica Alba

According to her she didn’t scream at all when she gave birth to her first child even though she didn’t receive any medication.

She says that she has been doing yoga breathing, she was focused and the whole event was something like a meditation. Her husband supports her story saying that she didn’t make a sound.

3. Pamela Anderson

The star is known to have given birth to both of her sons at home with the help of a midwife and she didn’t receive any medication. She says that she gave birth in water and she didn’t get any painkillers, not even Tylenol.

4. Cindy Crawford

She is the mother of two and she is also one of the women who gave birth naturally. Childbirth took place in her home with the help of three midwifes. Even though people were scaring her with horror stories, she thinks it was a great experience.

C section

1. Tori Spelling

She doesn’t like the fact that people criticize her for having a C section. She says that she really wanted to give birth naturally, but she didn’t have the option to.

Having a surgery of this kind isn’t something pleasant either and the recovery time is a lot longer than in case of natural birth.

2. Christina Aguilera

She opted for C section because she didn’t want to have any surprises. Also she wanted to avoid vaginal tearing. She wanted a calm and peaceful environment while giving birth, so she went for C section.

For her, choosing the birth day was the most difficult task.

3. Britney Spears

She didn’t want to have a natural birth because her mother scared her saying that vaginal birth comes with the most excruciating pain and so she opted for less pain.