There are many breastfeeding benefits, both in terms of good health and wellbeing of mother and child as well as in terms of sheer convenience.

Every mom who has breast fed will probably be able to add a few more points to the top ten main benefits of breastfeeding listed below:

1. Provides immunity to the baby – It is now well established that breast milk has antibodies that give immunity to the baby and protect him or her from infection and even allergies.

Breastfeeding Benefits This is one of the most significant breastfeeding benefits because it has long term effects, improving lifelong immunity.

2. Helps mother lose post pregnancy weight – Women who despair at all the weight they gained with pregnancy can take heart from this breastfeeding benefit: a woman can burn hundreds of calorie each day, by exclusively breastfeeding her infant for the first 6 months of life.

Research has also shown that women who breastfeed are able to regain their pre-pregnancy figures faster and more effortlessly than those who do not.

3. Is a form of birth control for some women – This one of the breastfeeding benefits may not extend to all women, but many women do not ovulate while breastfeeding and this acts as a natural form of birth control.

4. It is free – While feeing formula to an infant means that you not only need to keep buying the formula, but also bottles, sterilizing equipment etc. Breastfeeding doesn’t cost a thing on the other hand.

5. It is convenient – When baby gets hungry in the middle of the night you don’t have to grope through the dark to make a fresh bottle while the baby wails.

You can quickly feed the child with a minimum of disturbance, and before the baby has had a chance to even wake fully. You don’t have to carry bottles and other equipment when you go out; breastfeeding can be done anytime and anywhere.

6. It is just right for the baby – Look at the string of breastfeeding benefits here: the ingredients of mother’s milk, its consistency, temperature and taste are just right for baby. Baby can digest it easily is unlikely to have constipation. It cannot get spoilt of contaminated either.

7. You never run out of supplies – There is no wastage of breast milk and neither does it spoil. And neither does it ever run out.

8. It promotes bonding between mother and infant – Another one of the breastfeeding benefits is the fact that it is a pleasurable activity for mother and child and one that helps mother and baby spend quality time together, loving and bonding.

9. Good for baby’s teeth and overall health – Breastfed babies are far less likely to have tooth decay than bottle fed babies. It is better for baby’s health and also offers protection against some cancers, diabetes, obesity and other conditions.

10. It makes babies smarter – There is also some evidence to indicate breastfeeding benefits for the baby’s intellect. Studies have found that breastfed babies have higher IQs.