In the modern world more and more people are suffering from depression due to diverse reasons. However, there is a vast difference in the number of women suffering from depression than their counter parts. According to researches this gender difference in depression is approximately twice as high in women compared to men. The reasons for this difference is attributed to partly psychological, sociocultural and biological reasons.

Given below are the major reasons observed by experts for more woman suffering from depression than men:

reasons for depression in Women

Genetic Predisposition

Women in general have a stronger hereditary tendency for depression according to researches done by experts in the field. These studies are based on family tree hierarchies and the usual patterns of behavioural issues occurred.

Hormonal Levels

Compared to men, women experience higher levels of hormonal fluctuations which are directly linked with depression. Almost 80% of woman who are nearing their menopause or experiencing menopause are suffering from depression. Reasons for this is attributed to the female hormones playing up during this time. Besides the premenstrual dysphoric disorder, some women undergo postpartum depression and these are also due to the hormones.

More Involved in Relationships

Women tend to be more involved in their various relationships and endure more compared to men when they are disturbed. Due to the changed lifestyle patterns, a higher percentage of women population are working professionals now. This juggling between various roles may cause more tension and related depression in women. Especially women in the age group of 25 to 40 years are more prone to this type of depression related to professional and personal relationships.

Increased Lifespan

As per studies and researches, women tend to live much longer than men. The old age comes with its own share of physical and mental health problems and this can cause a great deal of depression in older women. Loneliness, retarded physical health, and bereavement are major culprits for old age depression in women.

Increased Chances of Diagnosis

Women are more likely to approach an expert to consult about depression and thus a diagnosis. When more such cases of depression in women are medically recorded, there are chances of more percentage in women suffering from depression being reported as well.

SAD Syndrome

People who live far away from the equator are reported to be prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) syndrome and this is seen four time more in women than men. As these places are farther from sun, in winter season the sun is hardly visible. So people tend to be more lethargic, less active and life slows down generally, which could be the reasons for depression, especially in women.

Although the exact reasons for increased depression in women are not scientifically proved, there are many studies revealing the situation. Owing to the sociocultural and biological issues faced by women generally, the cases reported are increased in recent years. Juggling between diverse roles and the women specific hormone level variations add to the difficulties of menopause. All these cause a great deal of depression among women irrespective of class and creed.