Bacterial vaginosis is one of the gynecological problems that affect the majority of women at some point of their life. In case you are thinking about treatment of bacterial vaginosis, you don’t necessarily have to think about the artificial medication, but rather the natural remedies.

Dietary changes as bacterial vaginosis treatment

In order to help the infection clear up, you should consider adding more fresh vegetables, grains, fruits and flax seed to your nutrition. Another important aspect of your nutrition might be to drink a lot of water that would wash out the bacteria from your system.

Treatment of Bacterial VaginosisGood bacteria

Fight fire with fire. As a bacterial vaginosis treatment you should consider fighting the bad bacteria with good bacteria. One of the foods that you should most definitely consume as often as possible is yogurt. This is because it comes with good bacteria that fight the ‘bad’ ones.

Boric acid

In some stores and pharmacies you will find boric acid suppositories, which can be connected to treatment of bacterial vaginosis.

In case it is added to the vagina, it is able to absorb the ammonia that occurs in the region and that makes it harder for the bacteria to survive. In case you are faced with a chronic infection you should be using boric acid for two weeks.

Kefir milk

Just as in case of yogurt and bacterial vaginosis treatment, it is also a good idea to increase the kefir milk intake. This is because it comes with a lot of ‘good bacteria’ and some helpful yeast, so that you won’t need any other kind of medication or treatment.


When it comes to food regarding treatment of bacterial vaginosis, also consider those kinds that come with acidophilus. This is a category that yogurt belongs to along with soy products and enriched milk. Consider having some tempeh and miso.

Coldwater compress

In some cases you also have to think about itching and swelling regarding bacterial vaginosis treatment and to take care of these symptoms, you should be using cold compresses.

Just moist a washcloth with cold water and apply it over the vaginal area. It acts by constricting the blood vessels and so the area will become less red and swollen.

Cider vinegar

The infection can also be associated with inflammation and itching. When you are considering treatment of bacterial vaginosis you may also have to treat these aspects, and it can be easily done in case you add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to your bathwater.


In order to have another approach to the bacterial vaginosis treatment, you could get a capsule of probiotics and partially open it and place it in the vagina. This way you can support the growth of the good bacteria that will eventually overcome the bad ones.


As you may see there are a lot of options for treatment of bacterial vaginosis in case you prefer to avoid the artificial medication that the doctor might prescribe. This may lead to a new lifestyle.