Premature menopause is determined when a woman under 40 is affected by menopause. This can be a difficult time for a woman but there are a number of signs to look out for to determine whether this is something that is happening to you. There are some women who will choose to have the menopause induced early for a number of reasons.

Premature menopause symptoms

Not all women will suffer from the same signs and symptoms but there are some that are extremely common. The first of those is when the periods become irregular and then stop altogether. The periods will come and go, so you may find that you have a few months break every now and then. If you have not had a period for a year then it will be thought that you have hit menopause.

Premature MenopauseThere may also be changes to your periods, when they do happen. Some women will notice that the periods are much lighter due to the hormonal changes affecting the body.

Other women will notice that the periods are much heavier than they used to be, since there is much more blood in the body and it accumulates over time.

Another very common sign of premature menopause is hot flashes. These are commonly felt in the upper body and can be experienced at any time of the day or night. They may start off at night and you may find that you are waking up sweating much more than normal.

Other signs of menopause

Whether premature or on time, there are many other symptoms that may be experienced during this time. Something that many women experience is when the vagina starts to dry out. With all of the hormonal changes, the vagina is not able to lubricate as well. This can often mean that it is extremely painful, especially during sex, and it often leads to a decrease in the libido.

Other changes happen to the body, leading to other parts drying out. Some of the most common dryness is associated with the hair, skin, eyes and mouth.

Emotional changes during menopause

With the change in hormones, it leads to a change in the hormones. Many women suffer from mood swings and unexplained irritability. However, there are other emotions that are felt during this time.

This is a time when women realize that their fertility period is over and can come at a loss. This is especially the case when it comes to premature menopause since it may happen while a couple is still trying for a family. It can lead to a mourning of the end of the fertile period, which can turn into grief if not cared for correctly.

There are some women who are more likely to develop premature menopause symptoms than others. This is usually seen in those who have a family history of early menopause and is something that you should talk to your doctor about immediately. It is also common in those who have an autoimmune deficiency problem, such as Grave’s disease.