Menopause is undoubtedly a trying time for women; some face it with comparatively lesser symptoms but all faces some changes or the other. Menopause symptoms affect day to day activities, mood and also mental clarity. There are many medications that would help you to heal with menopause; but the herbalists have assured that choosing the effective herbs for menopause would not only give you relief from annoying menopause symptoms but also has negligible side effects. Many often go for the hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but the herbal methods have been a time honoured process to make menopause bearable naturally. Here are some best herbs used for menopause symptoms –

Wild Yam

wild yam

Do not mistake the wild yam with the commonly seen yams in the kitchen; these are a completely different species with the active ingredient diosgenin, which is actually a phytoestrogen. The component Diosgenin has an ingredient that is almost same to DHEA, an originator to human sex hormones. This herb is widely grown in eastern India and used to treat a number of hormonal problems. Post menopausal women are often recommended creams that have wild yam as an ingredient. The roots are highly beneficial, which are use to make tinctures, creams and extracts. The wild yam products should be bought from authorise herbalists only to avoid duplicity.

Black Cohosh

black cohosh

Again this remedy has been used by post menopausal women for centuries to ease the symptoms, especially hot flashes. The clinical studies have still not been able to talk about the exact mechanism clearly but Black cohosh effectively reduces hot flash frequency, duration and also intensity. Studies have induced that the herb enacts like an estrogen modulator and affects the dopaminergic system thereby regulating mood swings and other menopausal consequences.



Two most irritating symptoms of menopause are mood swings and depression. There are many herbs that can cure this problem, but American skullcap is the most effective one. This herb calms down the state of mind; also safe for women from all aspects!



Doctors say that this herb is the best one for post menopausal days and many medications include this herb as their prime ingredient. The list of ingredients will often have it full scientific name Panax ginseng, Red ginseng or Korean, Asian, Chinese, or Siberian ginseng. This herb promotes vitality and reduces the stress levels significantly. Menopausal women feel physically low because of many reasons like hot flashes, insomnia, depression, and zap energy. Ginseng regulates the sleep cycle and other hormonal imbalances too.

Red Clover

red clover

This herb is the variety of clover that has the reddish flowers. Apart from plenty of benefits, this herb offers remarkable effects on hot flashes. These flowers have isoflavones that act like the estrogen hormone in the body and thus lowers the chances and intensity of hot flashes.

Gingko Biloba

This herb is an overall complete herbal remedy for menopause. It aids in macular degeneration by enhancing the blood flow and restricting age-related macular degeneration. Furthermore, this herb shows positive effects on women who experience a loss of libido by increasing sex drive as menopause is the time when women’s sexual desire fluctuates and reduce. It also aids in sound sleep since menopausal women are seen to suffer from anxiety and forgetfulness. The herb effectively regulates the sleeping patterns. It also helps to strengthen memory and helps a menopausal woman both physically and emotionally.

Almost all herbs that have phytoestrogens can be useful for menopause times; but it is best to take the advice of skilled herbalists before starting any medication.