Generally speaking, the onset of menopause occurs at the age of 51. Nonetheless, as a result of illnesses, medical procedures or genetics, it is possible for women to experience the premature menopause symptoms even before the age of 40.


Common Symptoms of Premature Menopause

In this case the signs are just about the same as the ones experienced by women who go through normal menopause. The symptoms include missed or irregular periods, lighter or heavier periods than normal and hot flashes. These mean a feeling of warmth suddenly spreading through the body. All these mean that the body produces less estrogen.

Additional Premature Menopause Signs

Besides the signs that were mentioned before, it is also possible for women to experience vaginal dryness, loss of bladder control, bladder irritability, emotional changes such as mood swings, dry mouth, eyes or skin, sleeplessness and decreased libido.

Under the Age of 40

When it comes to the premature menopause symptoms you should know that if you notice the signs under the age of 40 you should see a doctor about them because it is possible that there is something wrong. The same symptoms can be caused by medical conditions as well.

See Your Doctor

It is recommended to see your doctor if you notice the signs of premature menopause and you have undergone radiation or chemotherapy, you have some family history of autoimmune disorders like Graves’ disease, lupus or hypothyroidism, if you are effected by infertility or if you have a family history of early menopause.

Diagnosing the Premature Menopause Symptoms

In order to diagnose the problem you will have a physical exam and you may also have blood drawn in order to make sure that you’re not pregnant and that you don’t have a thyroid disease. The estradiol levels may also be measured. If the levels are low, it might be an indication that the ovaries are failing.

Blood Test

This is the most important test women need in case of the warning signs of premature menopause. The doctors will measure FSH. This is the hormone that makes the ovaries produce estrogen. If there is little estrogen produced, the FSH levels increase.

The premature menopause symptoms can be entirely normal and it is possible that there is nothing wrong with you. However, it is best to make sure that you don’t have an undiagnosed medical condition which is causing the symptoms of menopause at young ages.